Some OTC head lice treatment ingredients linked to cancer.

The World Health Organization has classified some ingredients in OTC lice treatments as carcinogenic to humans. According to an article by Jim Algar those ingredients have been banned in the U.S as well as Europe for agricultural use but can be found in shampoos for head lice removal. The insecticide lindane has been classified as carcinogenic to humans by WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Researches that studied lindane in the U.S and Canada have stated that this ingredient has been proven linked to several types of cancer like liver cancer, testicular cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Another ingredient, the DTT, has also been found as carcinogenic. The journal Lancet Oncology has published this findings where the WHO’s cancer research agency issued a new classification for lindane as “carcinogenic to humans,” and has classified DDT as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

At LCA San Diego we use NON TOXIC products and FREE OF PESTICIDES.  We use the medical, FDA cleared, device that dehydrates lice & nits through heated air. In just an hour, we offer a highly professional and SAFE treatment for head lice.

Let’s play…. guess what??? Head Lice!

* H_ _ _     L _ _ _
(very annoying creature that makes you itch and lives in your head)

* N _ _ _
(white or brown, live on your hair and are tear-drop shaped)

* S _ _ _ _
(days that eggs need to hatch into adult lice)

* T _ _ _ _ _
(total amount of days lice can live in your hair)

* C _ _ _ _
(movement lice use to go through your hair and also expand to other hair)

* P _ _ _ _ _ _ _
(something you really will need to deal with lice)

Answers: Head Lice, Nits, Seven, Thirty, Crawl, Patience

Why do head lice create such stress?

“I just found out that I have lice, and I’m freaking out!’ is probably the most common thing we hear at the other end of the line. And is not only common but completely understandable. Now, why do head lice trigger so much stress? Here’s a few facts that will make us understand why do we feel so stressed and hopefully make us feel a little better when it happens.

1. The unknown. Fear of the unknown is probably one of the biggest reasons why we feel stressed. we may not know what they really are, how to deal with them and therefore our minds and bodies react to it. Knowing what head lice & nits (egg) look like and how they spread, live and die will help us feel more in control.

2. Caring. Because we care for our children and loved ones, seeing them suffer makes us feel stressed. We wish that we could make it go away by just looking at them or snapping our fingers. Sometimes, our children they just want to hear that everything will be alright, if you look calm they will most likely empathize with you and be calm as well.

3. Social stigma. Both for adults and children is not nice to say, “I have lice.” Throughout the years, there has been a lot of misconception about lice and it’s been attributed to a lack of hygiene or even a lower income when the truth is, lice don’t discriminate. Making everyone aware of that will be a step towards normalizing head lice.

4. No quick fix. Altough taking care of lice doesn’t have to be a long and hazardous process, depending of the level of infestation if you want to take care of it it definitely might be. There are professional services that will make your life easier and help you treating your lice infestation in a faster and more effective manner.

At LCA San Diego we offer fast, safe and higly effective professional head lice removal treatments. Find out more here.

The war against head lice

When facing the possibility of lice around the house, panic and fear of the unknown may overwhelm you. In the war against lice, here are a few thing you may find interesting to have in handy:

  1. A thin pick comb – will be useful to part hair apart in looking for nits (eggs).
  1. A magnifying glass – to spot little white specs and be able to determine whether they’re nits or dandruff.
  1. New hair clips, hair ties, combs & brushes– if you suspect that you or your child have lice, you’ll need to throw away or boil all your hair accessories and get new ones.
  1. Patience – having lice around the house will require a lot of patience… making sure no one else gets infested, calling everyone to alert them, delousing the house, etc.
  1. Our number! If you find out you or your child has lice, bring them in as soon as possible so we can take care of it in the most professional, effective and fast manner.


LCA San Diego offers highly effective treatments for head lice removal. We use heated air to dehydrate lice and nits. And to top it off, we have a policy* for 30 days  as long as we can screen everyone in the same household. 858.249.8337 – give us a call!