Behavioral problems may be linked to chemical lice treatments

Behavioral problems may be linked to chemical lice treatments. Does your child suffer from behavioral problems? It may be linked to Lice Treatments.

Behavioral Problems

Behavioral problems are something so many children and parents struggle with today, whether its getting that call from school that their child has been acting up in class or having their child be singled out because of their excessive talking in after school activities. Childhood is such a difficult time and something that might be making it harder for you child are the Lice treatments you may have been using on them. Chemicals that are found in many of the Lice products and common pesticides have been found to cause behavioral problems in your child’s life.

Chemicals in Lice Treatments

Pyrethroids which are a synthetic chemicals found in many pesticides and Lice removal treatments have been linked to causing social problems in children developing by age six. This is especially true with pregnant women who are exposed to this chemical which is most commonly used in crop insecticides but also utilized in treatment of lice and scabies in humans as well as some mosquito repellents.

These chemicals work by damaging the nerves of the insects however researchers suspect that this actions may also be affecting the development of a child’s brain. Scientists found that after testing thousands of pregnant women who were exposed to Pyrethroid when they returned to examine their children they found that approximately 10% of these children suffered from “internalizing” behaviors which include fearfulness and social withdrawal as well as bullying.

These dangerous and harmful chemicals are affecting the neurochemical signaling in the brain which is why LCA San Diego uses a more natural approach. Our medical device is FDA cleared and uses a machine to blow heated air, followed by a full rinse and topical rinse application our full treatment is completely non-toxic and has no pesticides. We highly recommend everyone to look at the ingredients prior to purchase of anything that has the potential to harm either you or your child. If you have questions or doubts you can rely on LCA San Diego to help you with any lice related problem, we are here to help!