Head Lice Education

Head Lice Education
Head lice education is a must In the wonderful universe of parenting. They are small and do not carry diseases but they make the best of us feel cringy and itchy, causing big problems. Talking about lice may be uncomfortable, but it does not have to be that way because if you gather as much information as possible, it will minimize your troubles and stress.

Remain Calm
The number one thing you can do for your little one suffering from lice, and yourself, is to remain calm. Keep your panic to a minimal and reassure them that this is 100% normal, that treating the lice is easy and has nothing to do with their level of cleanliness. It helps for them to also to know this is a very common problem and that lice, in fact, prefer clean hair!

Some of the most popular ways to catch head lice is through group activities like: slumber parties, family gatherings, locker rooms, sharing brushes, sharing hats, helmets, selfies, bunking heads or even whispering to one another!


How to check for Lice
Since we are talking about lice, it’s only fair to touch on one of the most important parts which is checking for lice! You can also check out our blog on how to check for head lice

1. Part the hair in a straight line down the middle of the head and look for nits ( lice eggs), which will appear to look like a teardrop shape with a sandy consistency. There is a bit of a pearl like shine to them and they will always be launched to only one side of the hair strand. It is always easy to mistake dandruff for nits, but the way you can tell the difference as the lice eggs do NOT remove easily. When you think you see a nit, just run your finger over it, and if it feels hard and tightly glued to the hair shaft: you have found yourself an egg.

Need Help? Count On Our Team!
If you are finding the hunt for lice eggs to be a little overwhelming and you are feeling confused about all of the information soaring about the internet, give us a call! Our team is always happy to help end your worries and talk about lice until you feel much more comfortable and well equipped with the right knowledge. We offer the most quick, easy, one and done treatment that is performed in as little as 60 minutes. Our ‘ medical heated air device specializes in dehydrating and killing all stages of lice conveniently in one treatment. Call us now or visit our website!
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