My Valentine: Head Lice

My Valentine: Head Lice

In the week of February 2017, My Valentine: Head Lice. This is the story of my last Valentine experience.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up after a night of itching and I discovered Head Lice! Of course my first reaction was to wake up my daughter and check her hair but I couldn’t figure out if she had it or not. After hours of looking online and many attempts at pretending to know what I was doing, I admitted my loss. Head Lice: 1, Me: 0.

I then brought my child to school and, embarrassed as I was, I asked the school nurse to check her for me and evidently she found lice. Now I started to worry about my son and my husband! two out of four seemed to have lice so far. I ran to the store and bought the package that claimed to kill more, faster. Needless to say, my daughter was beyond herself and had zero tolerance at this point after a morning of trying to check her and a day of going up and down. I had her sit with the solution in the hair, then combed, and combed, and combed… once I was done, I realized I was next.

After about 6 hours of combing my hair and hers, my husband got home with my son and oh! surprise! he also had lice. So once more I was applying solution and combing through. I thought I could not take it anymore and I still had to repeat the process again! The next day I told my friend about my experience and she told me there were professional clinics that treat head lice. It would have been good to know from the beginning!

A year later we laugh about my Valentine’s date: Head Lice but I can assure you if this happens again I am ready to call professional help and treat the lice infestation in a much easier way!