Our Owners

Nicole Sanders is a well-rounded, accomplished professional with a drive to succeed at everything she puts her mind to achieve. Her early career started in music, writing, arranging, and lending her vocal talents in live music venues. Aside from being a full-time business entrepreneur, she is a wife and mother of three children. Her high energy allows her to balance her personal and work life in an organized manner. In 2017, her military husband, Courtney Sanders, was transferred to the Naval Base in San Diego. It was there where Nicole came across a company for lice removal. After a short amount of time working for the company, her focused excellence in customer service, team building, and goal settings had her standing out as an employee that could handle all the daily operations with multiple promotions in a short period. Nicole and Courtney are now the owners of the successful and established lice removal business in San Diego and Orange County. Her team of technicians are some of the bests in the area, all offering excellence in customer service to reflect Nicole’s passion for professionalism clients have come to expect.Courtney Sanders is originally from Alabama, he joined the Navy at age eighteen. in his nearly 23 years of service, he has trained thousands of recruits for the US Navy at Great Lakes, Illinois. Courtney believes in giving back to his community, along with an impressive Navy career. He has over two decades of faithful volunteer work involving community clean-ups, Meals on Wheels, Food Bank donations, church charities, and an intensive volunteer list of services spanning his Naval career. Courtney is looking forward to his new ventures as he readies to retire from the Navy. Along with being co-owner with his wife Nicole, he aspires to be a sports journalist and broadcaster for this next exciting chapter of his life.