Lice Removal Serving Rancho Penasquitos CA

FullTreatmentAre you a parent looking for non-chemical head lice removal options in Rancho Penasquitos?  At Lice Clinics of America, we understand the frustration children, teens, and their parents face when a head lice infestation occurs.  While you might think advancements have been made in preventing head lice, the fact is it is still a prevalent condition.  Over time, infestations have become even more common through the process of taking “selfies”, as many of these photos include children or teens with their heads touching.  That is all it takes to become a victim!

We are a head lice clinic specializing in safe head lice solutions.  Our procedures are effective, safe, natural and proven to work.  Some of the shampoo and other products you find on store shelves today may contain harsh and dangerous chemicals, even pesticides.  No parent wants to use potentially dangerous products on their child’s head, and many are not effective, often requiring repeated applications.  We offer a one treatment solution that involves the use of heated, directed air that ultimately kills lice dead.  The FDA cleared AirAllé system is highly effective when used by our professional technicians in our head lice salon.

Performed in our relaxing environment, you can expect safe head lice removal whether you prefer the AirAllé (a FDA cleared device) treatment or a more traditional method involving thorough comb out.  We offer a wide array of natural products that are designed to kill lice without harsh chemicals, including rinse, preventative spray, and mousse.  Additionally, our technicians are happy to instruct you regarding our natural lice removal process should you prefer to do it yourself, at home. Head lice is a condition that results in not only maddening itching, but embarrassment as well for many families.  It is important to keep in mind that it is easily spread among children and teens, including those with no indication of bad hygiene practices!

In using the traditional methods, comb-out is the most common aspect of the process and the most difficult for most parents.  When you want to be free of lice, thoroughness is essential.  Regardless of whether you prefer the FDA cleared device AirAllé head lice treatment or any of our other services, you can rest assured that there are no dangerous chemicals used.  Our products are designed to kill lice, and help prevent a possible re-infestation.  When it comes to head lice, why settle for less than the best?  We invite Rancho Penasquitos clients to contact us today to learn more about natural lice removal.