Back To School Season

Back To School Season

Back to school season is finally upon us! Getting into the perfect back to school routine and establishing how to have a smooth sailing 2019 is all in this blog! A new year brings a great fresh slate and fresh start for you to write your future and redefine who you are and aspire to be. You can approach this school year with a positive attitude and discipline to stay on top of what is important.

A Good Schedule

Electronics are fun but also play a big part in distractions. As fun as scrolling through Facebook or Instagram all hours of the night can be, you will regret it in the morning. Sleep is so important and feeling rested has a lot of impact on your learning experience. Have your child put their phone down along with no TV until studying and homework is complete. Setting restrictions and boundaries for your child ahead of time, you will be more likely to stick to them. Set time guidelines and calculate how much time everyday your child will need to get dressed, eat breakfast etc.

Positivity is Success

Feeding your children’s growing brains with positive affirmations can set them up for success! Offering educational support as well as emotional support is so important. It also helps to have a great relationship with the teachers touching base through email once a week. For your pre-teen or teenagers encourage them to have their favorite inspirational quotes on their notebook. They will see it every time it opens and feel rays of positivity, for example:

No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.
-Taylor Swift

Stay Lice Free

Staying lice free may be hard to do with all of the activities, selfies and sleepovers the school year may bring. With so much to do during your busy week, the last thing you need is an unwanted lice infestation.

We offer the quickest one and done treatment for lice removal by using controlled heated air. Our Air Alle’ medical heated air device is 99.9% effective killing all stages of lice in as little as one hour. We also have the best Lice Prevention Line of Products; call us now at 858-249-8337

Sending your kid to summer camp? Lice detention is your best ally

Like many other parents you are probably already getting ready to send out your kids to summer camps. Whether they are staying overnight or just going to the day a few preparations are in order. Have you thought about Head Lice? The truth is that many children come back from camp with head lice and the best thing we can do is detect & prevent. But how?

1. Check you child for lice before sending them to camp so that if they are infested you can treat them before it further spreads and before you have to pull them out of camp. Find out more on how to check for Head Lice. 
2. Send your children to camp with our preventative spray & shampoo. This products are specifically design to repel lice, thus diminishing the likelihood of you child catching lice. Check more about our products.
3. Ask the camps if they can do a pre-screening before all the kids start camp. This will help you and them contain any possible infestations and avoid them spreading to all other kids. Did you know Lice Clinics of America offers FREE Head Screenings at Camps? Have your children’s camp give us a call and we’ll gladly help them!
And last but not least, forget about having lousy days, if your kids have lice, bring them in and we’ll take care of it professionally with a safe and fast treatment.

Lice in School: Let them Stay

I have recently been talking to parents that come in to the clinic and they all have an opinion on whether schools should allow children to come in with lice or not. Although our quick response may be “of course not,” the answer is rather complicated.
The state of California allows for schools to decide if they want to have a “nit free policy” or not. That means, any child with a nit must be sent home and will not resume his/her studies until being nit (lice egg) free. But other schools only send a circular home and allow children in the classroom with lice so that they do not miss any school time. As we all can all, both options have their pros and cons.
It is important to mention that even though most popular belief is that lice origin at school, the reality is that head lice is a community problem brought to the schools and not the other way around.
At Lice Clinics of America San Diego we believe the best is to educate our community on head lice so that we minimize the stigma and we can be alert in preventing and minimizing cross infestations. Education is key to help children to be treated right away and help them prevent from getting it again. Find out more at

Get the Facts, Share the truth about Head Lice.

When talking about lice there’s a lot of misconceptions, myths and stigma. In an attempt to help parents, teachers and families understand better how head lice works, Lice Clinics of America has launched a viral video that enlightens and educates on head lice:


Lice Clinics of America San Diego kills Super Lice

Super Lice have become a trendy topic in the past weeks. A recent paper presented at the American Chemical’s Society in Boston noted that lice have become resilient to most over the counter agents and thus becoming harder to kill and, most times,  a nightmare for moms. Many media around San Diego have been talking about Super Lice and how to treat them. The Union Tribune San Diego highlights Lice Clinics of America San Diego as the solution for Super Lice.

At Lice Clinics of America San Diego we can handle Super Lice. We use our FDA cleared medical Device, Air Alle,that dehydrates lice & nits (eggs) in just one treatment. Our best seller treatment, uses the AirAlle device to dehydrate all the lice and eggs. then our professionally trained technicians will comb-out any dead debris and finally apply a rinse. Our full treatment comes with a re-treatment policy* for 30-days and takes just about an hour!


Lice is making children miss school!

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a publication recommending children to not stay home if they have lice.
Debate has been created since the publication as most schools have a no nit policy in place. Head lice do not spread any diseases and are considered safe even tough they may be annoying and even disgusting sometimes.
The issue according to experts is that around 12 million people get lice in the U.S and, for children, that has a tremendous impact on number of days missed at school due to head lice. On the other hand, schools and states that have a no-nit policy explain that head lice spread extremely fast and it’s a safety precaution to send children home so the totality of the classroom remains not infested. However, it is important to remember that once an infestation is noted the likelihood of it being spread already is high. Removing that child from the classroom may help prevent further infestations but does not guarantee that no one else will be infested already, after all head lice crawl and spread really fast especially in children  from 4-11 years old.
The solution for AAP is to allow children to finish their day at school but encourages parents to take care of it in an immediate way to prevent other children from getting infested. This solution will help diminish absenteeism but it also has an impact on the child’s socio-emotional well being as the social stigma that staying home and not being allowed back at school also diminishes.
Lice Clinics of America San Diego offers same-day appointments lice removal treatments! The AirAlle device dehydrates the lice & nits so that your child can be lice free without countless hours combing hair or toxic chemicals. all natural, safe and just in one hour!


A teacher’s perspective on head lice

At Lice Clinics of America San Diego we want to work with schools and teachers to help them avoid cross infestations in the classrooms. We help nurses perform head screenings to catch infestations right at the begging! If you are part of a school or a school nurse, contact us for more information:

How to raise funds for your school? With Head Lice!

You’ve read it right. Head Lice is the key to raising funds or giving back to your school.
At Lice Clinics of America San Diego, we’d like to help our community as much as possible and we know that head lice are not fun. Our Head Tops Education program will give the schools $5 for every child treated at our clinic.
If you’re a principle, teacher, part of the PTA or just a concerned parent that wants to help the school, contact us to set up this program.
How does it work?
Lice is an urgent matter. Kids get lice, it happens. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we are here to help. Bring your child or refer the kid to our center and we’ll take care of it immediately. After the child or any member of the family has been treated we’ll give them a voucher to turn to the school’s PTA (or designated fund raiser person) and they will receive $5!
Why Lice Clinics of America – San Diego?
Lice Clinics of America San Diego treats lice differently. treating head lice infestations can be hazardous as the most important part is to take off the nits (eggs). We use the AirAlle device that dehydrates the lice & eggs through heated air. Then we do a comb-out and apply a topic rinse for an extra layer of protection.