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If you are a San Diego parent who has tried head lice solutions available in retail stores without success or who is looking for non-chemical head lice removal options, Lice Clinics of American offers proven treatments you can rely on to finally rid your child from head lice.  Infestations are as common today as they were decades ago, and perhaps even more common due to the practice of taking “selfies” for posting on social media sites.  Many children and teens take photos with their friends, and in order for everyone to fit in heads are often touching.  When it comes to the spreading of head lice, this is all it takes!

Our head lice salon offers a wide array of options for parents who are looking for safe head lice solutions.  While you may not be aware of it, some products sold at retail stores can contain harsh chemicals and pesticides.  Additionally, head lice shampoo and other products found on the shelves may not be effective.  Parents who have been through this before know these treatments can be frustrating, messy, and in the end, fail to deliver the desired results!

If you are in search of a one treatment lice solutions that will kill head lice and their nits (or eggs), the FDA approved AirAllé system is like no other.  Using heated air that is directed at the whole scalp following a patter, our trained technicians provide safe head lice treatment in a private, comfortable environment.  Depending on hair length, this non chemical head lice treatment takes only about an hour or slightly longer depending on hair length and involves the use of the AirAllé system along with comb-out and natural products to ensure the infestation has been eradicated.  The AirAllé system is FDA approved, and proven extremely effective for those suffering from lice.

San Diego Moms Rely on Lice Clinics of America

If this procedure is not suitable for your budget, we invite San Diego clients to learn about all of our services including screening, natural lice treatment using our non-chemical head lice treatment products, and more.  Our trained technicians can remove head lice using a more traditional method that involves our products and comb-out, or instruct you on how to do it effectively at home on your own.  We can also perform the AirAllé treatment in our clinic and inform you regarding how to finish the process at your home for amazing results.

At Lice Clinics of America in San Diego, our top priority is removing nits in the safest, most natural way possible, without the use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides.  For safe head lice treatment you can trust, contact us today.


Why you should not delay getting treatment

Those pesky bugs are not going to go away on their own, and the problem will only get worse if you put off treatment. The existing nits (eggs) will hatch, and every louse will lay more eggs – the cycle is a vicious one that you should take steps to end now. By delaying treatment the likelihood of spreading the infestation to others increases. A severe infestation is more difficult to treat, so why not make it easier on yourself or your child? We urge those in San Diego and surrounding cities to contact our head lice clinic for more information about our services. Considering it only requires a little of your time, there is no reason to delay and possibly put others at risk of this frustrating and uncomfortable condition!