Family Fun For The Weekend

Family fun for the weekend is just what everyone needs to defuse after a long week. From homework assignments to the high paced work week, it is easy to forget family bonding time. Each and every family is a small cell, and inside of the walls of this molecule there is a big incredible universe that is forever expanding. Making time to embark on adventures with your loved ones make life all the more worth living. This blog will give you three top choices for a fun and action packed weekend.


Bike Trips

Biking is a fun and educational way to enjoy very special moments together with your family. Your children will learn that a journey can be just as amazing as the goal itself. You will encounter the outside world outside of the typical car ride getting from point A to point B. Before doing this, it is important that you teach them all about the road rules from both the driver and the bikers perspective. Every single trip will bring a unique experience and turn of events. Biking will be a guaranteed way to preserve the greatest memories for your children.

Visit to the Local Museum

Museums are far from being boring these days, and are no longer consistent of old dusty stairways with dark rooms. They are now fully loaded with interactive technology making learning interesting. Your children have the chance to use all five of their senses while listening to audio and reading. It will be wonderful to get your children familiar with the fascinating stories that govern the ways of the Planet and Universe. Your children with mimic the behavior shown to them and will acquire a very cultured perspective. Additionally, the museum will be such a fun and healthy dialogue for discussion. Your children’s growing minds will be inquisitive and enriched on so many levels as you open the door to opportunities.

Organize a DIY ( Do it Yourself ) Project

Children already have an endless Imagination, so creating ways to allow them to use their brilliant ideas with their own hands is great fun! The beauty of DIY projects is that every individual piece of work will express the personality of its creator. No ones art or designs will be alike and that is a great thing. From origami to birthday cards, paintings, collages and more, they will learn and discover something new about themselves every time.

Be a Family That Stays Lice Free

So many adventures ahead for your family and such little time for an unwanted lice infestation. With helmet sharing and other activities abroad, it is important to stay lice free. We offer head checks year round to assure your family stays in the clear. Our staff will educate you and show you our incredible prevention product line. Call us now to book your appointment 858-249-8337

Head Lice is Contagious

Head Lice is Contagious

Head lice is contagious and most commonly spread by direct head-to-head contact. Much less frequently they can be spread by sharing belongings or clothing where the lice have crawled and made their way to your head. Catching lice from a louse that has fallen onto a carpet is unlikely.

Head lice survive up to 48 hours if they fall off a person’s head and cannot feed properly. Nits will be unable to hatch and will die if they are not kept at the same temperature that is on the scalp. Lice eggs (nits) are not contagious but the bugs are where it all begins. It is very necessary to take the proper steps to avoid an unwanted lice infestation from making its way to your head.

How to Avoid Catching Lice

You can prevent catching an unwanted head lice infestation by avoiding head to head contact during activities at home, school, sports, sleep overs, camp or on the playground. Do not share hair ribbons, combs, brushes and avoid sharing head-ware. You can bring your own pillow and blanket to sleepovers as well as checking your hair for a bug before and after with a Terminator lice comb. It is also very preventative to avoid laying on beds, pillows, stuffed animals or couches that have recently been in contact with a person who is infested.

We Can Help

Our revolutionary lice treatment process is safe and highly effective, getting rid of lice and their eggs fast! The key to our successful lice removal service is our FDA-cleared heated air device, the AirAllé® which works 100% and is free of pesticide or chemicals. You can be lice-free in about an hour! Lice happens at the most inconvenient times, and parents owe it to themselves to get the best of the best lice removal treatment. We make it easy and offer a cost effective one and done treatment. Our Air Alle’ medical heated air device kills all stages of lice through dehydration. With the right amount of pressure, temperature and pattern, our certified technicians will kill even the most stubborn infestations. Call us now at 858-249-8337

Signs of Head Licw

                     Signs of Head lice

Signs of head lice can come as early as right away for some people. Lice can notoriously cause an itchy scalp from the bites.  Other skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema or even allergies to shampoo can cause itching as well. It is important to be able to differentiate those symptoms from lice before a lice infestation may have time to get worse. If your child has lice, you will notice small, brown insects the size of sesame seeds moving around or nits that look like they’re cemented on to individual hairs. It may be a little confusing to tell the difference between dirt or lice and nits. This blog will help you have all of the tools you need to successfully check your children for lice.

  • Wet your child’s hair with a spray bottle (not too wet but just enough)
  • Apply a little bit of conditioner to the hair
  • Use a wet brush to comb out tangles and slick the hair back
  • Grab a few sheets of paper towels
  • Using your “Terminator Lice Comb” (available at our clinics) comb along the scalp front to back starting at your hairline next to your ear. After each row, wipe it off onto the paper towel, you will overlap each row until you work your way to your other ear.
  • Using a white paper towel and white conditioner gives you the advantage to eliminate the confusion of dandruff.  Lice eggs are a tan or brown shade and easy to spot when using this method. The eggs will be in the shape of a teardrop and the bugs will be tan or brown about the size of a sesame seed.


                                        We Can Help

Lice can cause an uproar of panic, confusion, and dread when it’s time to clean.  The internet can cause even more mind-boggling as you read through the many different remedies and horror stories.

We are here to keep it simple. We educate and we eliminate the problem the same day in as little as one hour.  Our FDA-Cleared medical heated Air Alle’ device dehydrates and kills over 99.9% of all stages of lice.

We kill the most stubborn cases of head lice while ending the stigmas and fears of head lice.  You rest assured you will receive the best care and education from our professionals. Call us now! 858-249-8337

The Origin of Head Lice

The Origin of Head lice

The Origin of Head Lice – Where do lice come from? This is one of the most asked questions and mysteries for most people. There are not any confirmed fossils of lice so there is little proof as to where they originated.  There have been many strains of head lice over history but the strain believed to have originated in North America was the one to migrate worldwide.

Head lice are little parasites that feed on blood and live in hair. They lay their eggs (nits) on individual strands of hair. Once the eggs hatch, the nymphs have three growth spurts until they finally reach adulthood. Adults can reproduce and must eat four to five times a day in order to survive.    

Lice Facts

Head lice do not have the capabilities of flying, swimming or jumping, and they only feed on human’s scalps. This also means that there is a limited amount of ways that lice can be transmitted. The very most common way to transmit a head lice infestation is from head to head contact. Head lice infrequently try to travel by means of clothing, and they must reach hair within 48 hours or they will starve and die.

How To Treat Head Lice Efficiently

“Super Lice” have proven to have a strong resistance to pesticides and many pesticide-based lice products are no longer achieving their high efficacy rates. Our FDA-cleared Air Alle device kills all stages of lice and eggs through dehydration. This is the most incredible alternative to treating head lice with pesticides, suffocation products, lice combs or herbal remedies. The specific combination of the right temperature, time, technique and time makes our treatment the easiest solution. We are here to educate you on how to prevent a future infestation and also put an end to the lice stigmas out there. Our staff is fully equipped with all it takes to assure you have a five star experience and nothing less.


Give us a call now to put an end to your stressful infestations that never seem to go away at 858-249-8337



Back To School Tips for Busy Moms

Back to school tips for busy moms will set you up with all the tools you need to stay on top of this school year. First, it is important to address any concerns you have for yourself or your child to the school prior to the year starting. Our children become nervous about the new situations to come whether it is a new school, teacher or classroom. Taking them to visit their new school or classroom prior to the first day of school is a way to ease the first day jitters. Teachers understand that students are a bit nervous and will go the extra mile with effort making sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible.

Consider getting your child on their school sleep/wake schedule a week or more ahead so the time change is not such a shock factor on their first few days. Make sure to touch base with your child’s new teacher at the beginning and end of the days so they can see how supportive you are of your child’s education experience.

Make Back To School Fun

Focusing on the positive aspects of starting the new school and creating a highly anticipated first day of class is helpful! You can also find a nearby neighborhood child or friend to walk to school or ride the bus to school with. You can roleplay the first day of school with your child and even how to make friends! You can take them to the school playground a few days before school starts allowing them to get comfortable in their new environment.


School time

10 Morning Routine Tips

  • #1. Lay Out Everything The Night Before.
  • #2. Make Lunch in Advance.
  • #3. Have Everything in the Same Place.
  • #4. Earlier to Bed on School Nights.
  • #5. Have The Little Things Ready too.
  • #6. Allow Time If Kids are taking the Bus.
  • #7. Routines Do Work.
  • #8. Prep Breakfast.
  • #9. Allow Extra Time.
  • #10. Have Your Coffee Ready to Go.

Keep LCA in Your Back pocket

With 6-12 million cases of head lice per year, it’s best to have Lice Clinics of America as your one-stop solution for lice removal.

We have the most incredible staff ready to give you a 5-star experience with all of your lice removal needs. We offer the quickest, most effective treatment using our FDA cleared Air Alle medical heated air device. This incredible treatment kills all stages of lice in as little as one hour. We look forward to helping you; give us a call now 858-249-8337


San Diego Summer Camps

San Diego Summer Camps

San Diego Summer Camps are bound to be one of the biggest highlights of your children’s summer! Picking the right one to best fit your child may be a bit hard to decide on, but this blog will show you a variety with highlights of each.


Camp Fire is located among a 7.5- acre reserve in the infamous Balboa Park giving your curious youth much exploring to do. Camp Fire has been serving children since 1910 giving them a secure place to grow and become one with the great outdoors.  Their belief is that when your children get the chance to experience the outdoors and work with the community, they learn to respect nature and themselves even more.


This amazing camp located out of La Jolla has been providing campers of all ages with the most incredible memories. Camp Jaycee prides itself in a very diverse environment where your children can meet children of all races, religions and nationalities. With an Olympic-size pool, 500-seat David & Dorothea Garfield Theatre, Gotthelf Dance Studio, Royston Science Lab, The Lush Edgar Berner Family Ball Fields and the Hutler Tennis Courts as a part of the camping experience your child will be fully entertained!


Do your children love the water? Or want to try something new and exciting? The Watersports Camp is the ultimate treat for your campers as it is located at Associated Students of SDSU and UCSD Recreation’s Mission Bay Aquatic Center and is sponsored by the YMCA of San Diego. This camp is full of education focusing on enriching your children’s environment in a fun, safe and high quality camping experience. The activities will include: Waterboarding & Waterskiing, Surfing, Sailing, Paddle Sports, Marine Science, Intro to Watersports (ages 6-8), Windsurfing and Afternoon Multisport Camp.


A Lice Free Summer

A lice free summer is a good summer, so let’s be safe. If you screen early and often, you can ultimately prevent an infestation from going too far and spreading to others. We offer head screenings before and after camp.  Our treatmentis  the easiest one and done head lice treatment that is over 99% effective. Our Air Alle’ Treatment uses controlled heated air that is specifically tailored to kill all stages of lice in a safe way.

More and more families are struggling with head lice for weeks and months using the over the counter treatments. Lice Clinics of America can guarantee that you will go home lice free. We will also give all kinds of helpful information on how to help your family remain lice-free! Give us a call at 858-249-8337 and contact us now.

Nits, eggs, louse – what’s the difference?

Nits, eggs, louse – what’s the difference? This Is a question we often hear from our customers. They are all different stages of head lice. We want to take the opportunity to clarify them:

What are nits?

Nits are the small eggs produced by the live louse bugs that usually look like small brown or tan dots before they hatch. We can also call nits, eggs or lice eggs. Usually lice lay their eggs close to the scalp where the live lice can be close to their food source once they hatch. Lice feed on human blood by using tiny claws to puncture the skin on the scalp.

Lice on Hair

Eggs (nits) or dandruff?

Nits look very similar to dandruff, however, they cannot be removed by brushing or shaking them off. The lice eggs are seemly glued to the hair follicle, only on one side to it. Lice eggs tend to hatch 7-10 days after they are laid and the shell remain on the hair looking white or clear. The adult lice are no bigger than a sesame seed and the nymphs are usually a bit smaller and grow to be adult lice in about 10 days.

What is a louse?

Louse is the singular word for lice. Louse can be feminine or masculine and they are commonly referred as “bugs”. A female louse mates once in her life and lays eggs throughout her life span (30-days).

Let’s remove lice, louse, nits and eggs!

The solution is simple: Lice clinics of America can help. We offer a variety of treatments and products to exterminate all forms of lice whether its eggs or adult Lice bugs. Lice Clinics of America is here to offer safe and friendly services in your time of need. We aim to educate and solve the Lice problem the has affected so many people and families. Nits, Nymphs, eggs and overall Lice infestations all affect many children and adults year round and Lice Clinics of America is here for you.

Lice Clinics of America does an FDA approved treatment that is non-toxic and has no pesticides. Our treatment is unique and scientifically proven to work.

Mother’s Day Ideas for Families on a Budge

                                               Mother’s Day Ideas for Families on a Budget

Mother’s Day ideas for families on a budget will be a certain way to touch your mother or mother figures heart on this special day!  In comparison to the more expensive gifts, these fantastic ideas will bring the biggest smile to her face and be so fun for the family at the same time.  Many people remember their mothers and mother figures on Mother’s Day for all of the amazing things she has done for you throughout your life. For you, mother figures may include a relative, mother-in-law, step-parent, a family friend or a guardian. There are many different ways to celebrate Mother’s Day and this blog will tell about this special day, and how to keep the costs low.

Mother’s Day History

Mother’s Day is a day to honor motherhood and it is celebrated and observed in many different forms around the world. The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914.

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May, and the UK’s Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent.  All around the world many countries also celebrate Mother’s Day (also referred to as Ladies Day, Women’s Day, and Parent’s Day) throughout the year.

                                   Ideas That Require Time and Not Money

  1. Make mom a handmade card make a card, write a poem, take a photo, make a photo frame or a memory book.
  2. Lend a helping hand by doing the laundry; take out the trash because that’s a job that usually falls to Mom.
  3. Share your incredible energy with her by inviting her on a walk that lasts for at least a half an hour.  You can also do a scenery bike ride because In California, Beautiful routes are truly a dime a dozen.
  4. Breakfast in bed will always be a beautiful way to start the morning, throw together some heart shaped pancakes, eggs, bacon and a nice glass of orange juice.
  5. Can’t afford a bouquet of flowers? Buy or pick a single flower and put it in a vase, along with a card! Mom will never notice the difference and be all smiles with that gift.

LCA Is In Your Corner Super Moms!

Lice Clinics of America wants to wish you the most incredible Mother’s Day, may it be a day of joy, memories and laughter doing what you love most.  Mothers are so special because they are always there for you when needed with an open heart and arms.

When an unexpected lice infestation hits your home, moms are immediately on top of it cleaning, sometimes missing work, and spending countless hours doing whatever it takes to resolve the issue.  That is why LCA is here to keep the stressing to a minimum giving your family immediate relief with our one and done treatment. No hidden fees, little to no aftercare and we give the best advice to moms on how to avoid this Lice experience in the future. Visit our website or give us a call for more information about our quick, easy and simpler than ever lice removal services . 858.249.8337


The Truth About Lice Eggs

The Truth About Lice Eggs

The truth about lice eggs may come as a shock to most parents out there,
because although the eggs can be a nuisance to get rid of, they are completely
harmless while in the incubation stage. You cannot catch a lice egg from
someone, but you can catch a bug once they hatch and then the cycle continues.
Lice eggs are hard to see, but this blog will help you understand how to deal
with the eggs head on, things that work and the truth about lice eggs altogether.

Lice Egg Incubation and Hatching Period

A female louse will lay its eggs about a half an inch from the scalp where it is warm and
humid for the eggs to properly incubate for 7-10 days. If the eggs are removed or
extracted, they will die very shortly after. Eggs will only hatch one time with only
one nymph emerging from that single egg.
The glue that secures the egg may remain in your hair for several months if they
are not extracted. Removing eggs can seem like the most tedious task because
although most eggs are visible, there are some which are microscopic and not
fully developed.

How To Spot Lice Eggs

Lice eggs (often referred to as nits) look like tiny tan or brown teardrop shaped
dots before they hatch. They often get confused for dandruff or hair product
eminence, but the eggs are only launched to one side of the hair strand. To the
touch they will have a grain of sand like feeling and will not slide off easily if your
try to remove them with our fingers.

The easiest way to tell if you have a head lice infestation is to follow these steps:
1.) Wet your hair with a spray bottle
2.) Fully detangle by adding a bit of conditioner and brushing
3.) Gather a few sheets of paper towels to have on hand
4.) Glide your lice comb along the scalp starting at your hair line from one ear, and
comb all the way to the back of the head not missing the baby hairs.
5.) Wipe it onto the paper towel where you will clearly be able to see the brown or
tan teardrop shaped eggs and bugs through the conditioner.
6.) Repeat these steps by overlapping your last row by half until you make your
way to the other side of your head ( your other ear) wiping each row on your paper
towel until you find proof you are infested.

Air Alle’ Saves The Day! Lice Clinics Of America offers the only one and done solution

Head Lice Education

Head Lice Education
Head lice education is a must In the wonderful universe of parenting. They are small and do not carry diseases but they make the best of us feel cringy and itchy, causing big problems. Talking about lice may be uncomfortable, but it does not have to be that way because if you gather as much information as possible, it will minimize your troubles and stress.

Remain Calm
The number one thing you can do for your little one suffering from lice, and yourself, is to remain calm. Keep your panic to a minimal and reassure them that this is 100% normal, that treating the lice is easy and has nothing to do with their level of cleanliness. It helps for them to also to know this is a very common problem and that lice, in fact, prefer clean hair!

Some of the most popular ways to catch head lice is through group activities like: slumber parties, family gatherings, locker rooms, sharing brushes, sharing hats, helmets, selfies, bunking heads or even whispering to one another!


How to check for Lice
Since we are talking about lice, it’s only fair to touch on one of the most important parts which is checking for lice! You can also check out our blog on how to check for head lice

1. Part the hair in a straight line down the middle of the head and look for nits ( lice eggs), which will appear to look like a teardrop shape with a sandy consistency. There is a bit of a pearl like shine to them and they will always be launched to only one side of the hair strand. It is always easy to mistake dandruff for nits, but the way you can tell the difference as the lice eggs do NOT remove easily. When you think you see a nit, just run your finger over it, and if it feels hard and tightly glued to the hair shaft: you have found yourself an egg.

Need Help? Count On Our Team!
If you are finding the hunt for lice eggs to be a little overwhelming and you are feeling confused about all of the information soaring about the internet, give us a call! Our team is always happy to help end your worries and talk about lice until you feel much more comfortable and well equipped with the right knowledge. We offer the most quick, easy, one and done treatment that is performed in as little as 60 minutes. Our Air Alle’ medical heated air device specializes in dehydrating and killing all stages of lice conveniently in one treatment. Call us now or visit our website!