Kids say the lousiest things! Share your kids Lice story

We have been having some fun kids lately and wanted to share some of their thoughts about lice:
Laura, age 8, was really surprised when I told her that we were going to remove the lice in her head. She said, “Are you going to kill them?” I said – very proudly – “Of course!” to what she replied, “Don’t you feel bad about it?”
Tim, age 5, was really sad to see his “friend” go during his comb out. He kept waving at them and saying “bye. bye friends”
Briana, age 8, was so grateful that we end up with her itching that she declared: “Dad, when I’m older I want to be a lice lady like her.”
We proud ourselves to treat quickly and professionally head lice infestations. It is nice to be remembered of different perspective and that, after all, lice is not such a big deal. Kids are definitely the most honest about it and say the lousiest things.
Our kid-friendly environment will help your kid feel at ease while we treat him or her from lice infestation in just one hour with our medical device FDA-cleared that kills lice & nits through dehydration.