Head Lice & Social Stigma

Unfortunately, some of us already have experienced the stigma of lice on ourselves or our children. Once a kid has lice it becomes the topic everyone is talking about, and not always in a good way. We all know lice are perceived as disgusting, gross and dirty. But what’s really the science behind it? Do we have enough information to make such assumptions?

It has been scientifically proven that lice do not care for a dirty environment but rather clean. Another fact to keep in mind is that although head lice bite and feed from our blood they do not transmit any diseases. Head lice would prefer one head to another depending on humidity and type of blood so none of us is immune to them regardless of our cleanliness, race or economic background.

Being educated and educating our children on head lice will help us destroy the social stigma once and for all. Misinformation and ignorance of head lice facts leads to social stigma. It is understandable that they are unwanted as they may be hard to be killed, especially for lack of communication. Due to the social stigma, parents and children hide the fact that they are or have been infested, spreading therefore the infestation to other people. As soon as we suspect having lice, the best is to communicate it to everyone around us so they can be protected or receive a head lice removal treatment as soon as possible.

After all, life happens and lice, happens too.