Are Smartphones Spreading Head Lice?

Are Smartphones Spreading Head Lice? Children who use smart phones seem to be twice as likely to contract head lice. Smart phones don’t cause head lice, of course, but your child is likely to contract it as they huddle around phone and tablet screens to watch videos or take selfies. The close contact makes it very easy for head lice to spread and jump from head to head.

Studies about smartphones and head lice

Experts are worried it is leading to a number of increase cases being reported. Studies performed in the UK have found 62 percent of children with a smart phone picked up head lice compared with just 30 percent of those who didn’t own technology (more about study). The increase in older teenagers is rising as well touching heads to pose for selfies is becoming more and more popular and making the lice problem, a widespread issue.

Prevention and cure

There is no easy prevention when it comes to head lice but awareness is key. Parents need to be prepared by regularly checking their children’s head for head lice as only about 30 percent of people actually itch their head, so sometimes it’s not obvious. Girls are definitely more at risk than boys as lice cannot jump so they have to be transmitted through head touching.

At LCA San Diego, we suggest children keep their hair up and avoid taking too many selfies to help stop the spread of lice.  If the inevitable happens…DON’T PANIC! We are here to help. Give us a call and we can schedule you to come in and get treated same day.