Keeping The Kiddos Hydrated This Summer

Keeping The Kiddos Hydrated This Summer

During the summer our children do a lot of playing, so much playing it is so easy for them to forget to stay hydrated along with eating well. During a large amount of physical activity, its extremely easy for their sugar levels to drop and for them to begin to feel dehydrated. Lets go over some amazing ways we can make hydration fun!

Fruits, water and Ice

Fruits are delicious and have a high water content and will always keep the kids hydrated. The fruits with the highest water content are strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, peaches, cranberries, raspberries and orange! You can serve them as treats or bites with chocolate sauce. You can also use colorful straws to make it more attractive and get the kids to drink more water! These straws make drinking water much more fun, are spill proof.

Fruit Juices & Vegetables
Fruit juices are amazing supplements that help, next to water, to keep the children hydrated. Our suggestion is trying to opt for fresh juice and stay away from the juices with a bunch of preservatives.
For the kiddoes that love veggies, the most hydrating vegetables are cucumbers, zucchini, celery, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, green peas and even carrots are delicious snacks.

Popsicles & Dairy Products
You can make your very own homemade popsicles, just use your favorite juice and pour the mixture onto an ice tray and stick candy sticks in the slots.
Adding melons and grapes is always a family favorite! Dairy can be just as yummy and who doesn’t love a wonderful yummy way to refuel?! Yogurt, milk of buttermilk serve as incredible substitutes for water and will still hydrate the kids. You can add in strawberry chunks, blueberries, sweet granola or anything you can imagine to the yogurt.

LCA San Diego Summer Screenings
With the children at play in various activities this summer with friends and family, the stakes are very high for catching a lice infestation.
Our head screenings are quick, efficient and easy for your kids or whole family. Its always best to make sure you are lice free before it gets worse and becomes extremely contagious. Come in to one of our locations at any time and we will be happy to keep smiles on your families faces for a stress and lice free Summer!

What Lice Comb should I buy? The Terminator Lice Comb

What Lice Comb should I buy?  The Terminator Lice Comb

What Lice Comb should I buy?  The Terminator Lice Comb. The Terminator Lice Comb is 100% stainless steel, and the spiral micro-grooved teeth are designed to get all the way underneath to remove even the tiniest of lice eggs from the hair.  The Terminator has anti slip bands on the handle, also equipped with a microscopically-rounded tooth end that prevents pricking, pulling or scratching on the scalp and hair. This incredible comb is built from durable corrosion and resistant stainless steel, the comb can also be sterilized and used on everyone in the whole family each and every day.

Why Use a Proper Lice Comb?

When faced with head lice it can be a huge stressor, and the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is getting it handled quickly. This urge to get rid of lice quickly is why people purchase chemical treatments and do not take the time to purchase the proper lice combs while in the process. Many people spend hundreds of dollars on chemical lice removal products but cut the corners on a good lice comb. A good quality lice comb such as the Terminator can truly make or break your lice diagnosis or lice removal success.

How To Properly Use A Nit Comb

Making sure the hair is washed and clean is a starter, then once the hair is partially dry you can begin. Combing should always be in a top downwards. You should try to comb as close to the scalp as possible because the nits are located close to the scalp (generally within half an inch). It is always best to separate the hair, section by section, lock by lock, to assure you are getting as many live bugs and nits as possible. Once you have removed a lice egg or bug, you should immerse the comb in hot or warm water and clean it as you go. Continue this process until all eggs and bugs are completely gone and undetected, it is best to do this in direct sunlight to assure you remove all.

LCA San Diego Makes It EASY!
Although it is always essential to purchase a reliable good lice removal comb to keep year round to check your families hair and avoid lice infestations, LCA San Diego can make it so easy. For an affordable price and a quick 15 minutes or less we can tell you if you have an infestation! Call one of our local offices to book your appointment any and every time. We educate and can give quick results without having to do it yourself. We make lice removal so simple it takes only 1 hour and no follow up appointment necessary.