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La Jolla Head Lice Removal

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Lice Clinics of America (LCA) is committed to providing quick, non-toxic removal treatment to clients in La Jolla, San Diego. Our patented AirAllé™ treatment removes nits, and is clinically tested and proven to kill all stages of head lice by utilizing controlled heated air. This method is safe, fast and highly effective against all nit infestations, including the most stubborn.

If you are a resident of La Jolla in search of effective and safe nit removal solutions, Lice Clinics of America is a professional salon providing a variety of treatments that achieve the results you need. As a parent, you want a proven non-chemical treatment that works quickly, so your family and your child can carry on your everyday normal life.

Children and teens can become victims of an infestation quite easily, unfortunately.  Not only does being exposed to other children at school, daycare, and other sports/dance activities increase the odds of an infestation, the practice of taking “selfies” for posting on social media has also had an impact, as many take these photos with friends whose heads are touching.  If you want to kill nits, we invite you to learn more about our clinic and the trusted products/procedures we use.

FDA Approved! Painless and Safe. No More Lice!

Our treatment incorporates the use of the FDA approved AirAllé system, a process in which heated air is applied to the whole scalp following a pattern.  This system dries out lice and their nits, and takes only about an hour or slightly longer depending on length of hair to perform in our lice salon.  In addition to this service, we have treatment options and products you can trust containing natural ingredients and no harsh or dangerous chemicals or pesticides.  The AirAllé system is a one treatment solution, however we provide traditional comb-outs for individuals not qualifying for the use of the AirAllé.

Many parents wonder how to deal with this issue, and traditionally the most common form of  treatment is the comb-out.  This can be difficult and take hours for parents who are not experienced with nit removal, however we are happy to provide thorough instruction should you choose a do-it-yourself approach using our natural products.  While we recommend the FDA cleared AirAllé system for the best results, we are confident you will also be satisfied with our other non-chemical removal solutions.

Dealing with this issue can be a real headache. Come into our Clairemont clinic and experience for yourself the amazing results offered at our head lice salon?  At LCA San Diego, we invite La Jolla clients to come see what the buzz is all about today!

Head Lice While Visiting La Jolla

La Jolla is a location in California ripe with tourism, a place to be explored and where you can relax and enjoy the beauty and artistic vibe of this charming seaside village.  Even when you are vacationing, there is no guarantee you or your child will not become the victim of a head lice infestation.  All it takes is the touching of heads, which can easily happen given that you will likely be taking photos to capture your experience and create lasting memories.  It’s vital that you don’t delay treatment for head lice until you get home, as the infestation will only become more severe the longer it goes untreated.  Our lice clinic provides safe, non-chemical solutions for lice that typically take only an hour or two of your time, treatment performed by highly trained technicians using no harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Our LCA Lice Removal Services

• Professional head screening with treatment consult
• AirAllé® is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared꙳ medical device
• Head lice treatment by certified technicians
• Non-toxic and RE-TREATMENT policy

Why Choose Lice Clinics of America San Diego?

• Knowledgeable, kind, professional staff
• One-time treatment, no follow-up necessary
• Kid-friendly treatment
• Convenient hours by appointment only
• Less than 10 minutes East of I-5
• Bilingual English/Spanish

Our Re-Treatment Policy

• Effective Head lice and nit removal after a single LCA treatment
• Treatments completed in about an hour1
• We offer a 30-day re-treatment policy (all family members must be checked)*
• AirAllé® kills lice and 99%+ of lice eggs in an hour or less꙳

1 Actual treatment times may vary.

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