Funny Things Kids Say & Do with Head Lice

Funny Things Kids Say & Do with Head Lice – We wanted to start the month with a funny note on things that have happened with the thousands of kids that have visited our location seeking lice removal. As we all know, children can be the most innocent and blunt creatures! Throughout our four years in business we have accumulated many anecdotes and experience and we have asked our technicians to share those with us so we can, in turn, share it with you.


The first story is about Sophia, age 6, she came in for lice removal although she didn’t really understand what was going on with her. Our experienced technician in Tustin explained to her that we were to do a treatment to make sure her head wasn’t itchy anymore and to take out all little bugs. She was very happy about it and we proceeded with the treatment. 15 minutes into the treatment she asked the technician “what are you going to do with the bugs?”, she responded “after we kill them, we carefully toss them away in the trash.” Sophia changed completely her expression and looked at her mom while she yelled “mom!! they are killing them!! are you going to let that happen?” A burst of laughter came from all of us while we reassured Sophia it will all be okay.


“I had this beautiful blonde 5 year old that did amazing during her treatment; once she was done I asked her to make a painting for us while I was treating mom,” says Nicole, our technician in San Diego, “when she finished she came all proud of herself and showed me the picture, then I asked her what was that on my face, and she said – it’s your pimple!” Nicole remembers how that brought up all the colors on mom’s face! They laughed at it and she cherishes that memory forever.



Jillian, our technician in Encinitas told us that one of her customers was a 10-year-old that was working that week in school in presenting what they wanted to become as they grew older. The 10-year-old was unsure and had many ideas such as doctor, gardener or writer. At the end of the treatment, she asked Jillian, “Can I keep some of the lice from my head , please?” Jillian asked her why and she responded, “I am going to need them for my presentation, I am going to be a lice lady when I grow up!” Her parents laughed and tried to get the idea out of her mind immediately!


We hope you enjoyed the few stories about the funny things that kids say & do about head lice. If you have more stories, please share with us on Facebook.