Delouse your house

Killing head lice is not only taking care of the head. Your house, car and other belongings might have some lice and may cause you or those around you to be infested or even re-infested! Taking care of your house is very important to complement your head lice removal treatment.

Heat is one of the most effective ways of taking care of lice: Wash all the clothes, hats, jackets and linens and place them in the dryer in high heat for 30minutes. You can also place stuffed animals, pillows and other fabric items in the dryer to kill the lice. In addition, boil all the combs, head bands, clips and hair accessories.

All the other items that cannot go in the dryer or boiled should be placed in a plastic bag and left air tight for over 48h. Lice cannot survive for more than 48h off a human head. Vacuum all carpets and couches and clean your house to take out any louse that may have been left behind. Remember to vacuum your car seats.  Also you can use a sticky roller to take care of leather seats, and a wipe to clean your plastic child´s car seats or car raisers.

Make sure you take all this precautions after you have been treated so that no re-infestation is possible! Call us if you have questions and we’ll help you delouse your house.