What causes head lice to spread?

One of the most common questions at our clinic is: what causes head lice to spread?
The answer is complex but can be summarized as the consequence of the existing Ignorance about lice due to the stigma it has nowadays. Not knowing how lice spread, what they are and how they affect you or your child are the main cause of lice spreading. Here are some highlights that will help you understand lice better:
* Lice don’t jump, hop or fly, they crawl. Head-to-head contact is the easiest way to get lice and especially  for those who have long hair, it’s important to be aware of it.
* 2 of your child friends will have lice during this school year. Knowing that will probably make you feel on your toes most of the time,but prevention and precaution is the best way to prevent lice.
* Knowing how to treat head lice infestations will give you a quick response rate if that happens to your family. Check this chart regarding different treatment options.
The best way to keep lice from spreading is by sharing the truth and ending the ignorance. Help us spread the word and stop lice by sharing this video:

If you suspect you have lice, treat the infestation in San Diego by making an appointment at LCA San Diego.