Back to School

Back To School

Back to school is here and our children are filled with tons of excitement and their first-day nervousness. As parents we are sometimes overwhelmed with the stress and feeling of unpreparedness. To help and eliminate these thoughts, by helping you and your child prepare for the new school year, all it takes is a little organization!

Below we will go over some of the most important things you can do to make everything smooth sailing.
7 Ways To Be Prepared!

1. Getting back into your child’s sleep routine to help eliminate those very stressful/ chaotic school mornings, set up an everyday routine ( bedtime and morning time) to help get your child  be prepared for school. Just Start your usual school sleeping schedule and routine about a week or two before school starts.

2. Take your children to Shop for school supplies together. It will get your child super excited about starting a new grade by having them participate. Allow your child to pick out their own lunchbox, backpack etc. This is a great way to give them a little bit of responsibility too!

3. Have your child practice getting back into the routine of their daily school rhythm. You can do this by simply having them wake up every day at the same time and eat breakfast around the same time they would at school. Next, about a week before school starts, you can plan a couple outside activities where your child will need to leave and come back home around the same time they would if they were back in school. This will help them be rested and so much more ready for the very big day!

4. Set up a perfect little homework station by sitting down with your child and coming up with a designated time and homework requirements and supply the things they may need. This quiet homework station usually works best in places like the den, and make sure you find a homework time you are available in case your child needs help.

5. Preparing for the unexpected can be a life saver. For those of you working parents, you know that it can be a difficult task to find a baby sitter when your child is sick. So Before school even starts it’s a fantastic idea to have a sitter lined up just in case!

6. Have an after school gam e plan in place by making arrangements for where your child will go after school. Depending on your children’s ages, you can easily figure out if they will go to a neighbor’s or friends house, an after school program, or be allowed to stay home by themselves. This will help eliminate any complications during the first few weeks.

7. Eliminate video games and turn off the TV because for a lot of children, summertime is endless video games and countless TV programs. 
Children are generally in shock when they begin school and realize that several hours of their day is now going to be spent learning and not playing! You can Ease your child into the wonderful world of learning by turning off the electronics and encouraging them to read or play without these.