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Head Lice Treatment Serving Vista

Lice Clinics of America (LC of A) is committed to providing quick, non-toxic nit removal treatment to clients in San Diego County. Our patented AirAllé™ treatment kills head lice, and is clinically tested and proven to kill all stages of infestations by utilizing controlled heated air. This method is safe, fast and highly effective against all infestations, including the most stubborn.

At LCA San Diego, we provide safe nit removal solutions to those in Vista and surrounding areas who prefer not to use products containing pesticides or other harsh chemicals.  We understand the frustration and stress associated with a pediculus humanus capitis (head lice) infestation, and that you want results now.  Whether your child or yourself has the condition, we provide a one treatment solution that is safe and effective!

Those pesky little bugs are as common today as ever, perhaps even more so given that so many kids and teens today enjoy taking “selfies” with their friends to share on social media.  Touching heads in these pictures is all it takes to spread nits from one person to another!  Our non-chemical treatment will kill those nasty buggers along with their nits (eggs) so you can put the entire ordeal behind you.

While we offer a variety of services, our most popular and effective option is treatment using the Air Allé device, a process involving heated air that dries out nits and is FDA cleared.  This process generally requires only about an hour of your time, so it’s super convenient.  You can be in, out, and on your way in no time at all.

From head screening to our exceptional Air Allé treatment and do-it-yourself options, we provide natural treatment for those who prefer a safe, effective, convenient method to kill eggs without the use of traditional over-the-counter and prescription chemicals that can be irritating and ineffective.  At LCA San Diego, we invite Vista residents to contact us today to learn why so many clients trust our services!  Call 858-249-8337 now.

Our LCA Lice Removal Services

• Professional head screening with treatment consult
• AirAllé® is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared꙳ medical device
• Head lice treatment by certified technicians
• Non-toxic and RE-TREATMENT policy

Why Choose Lice Clinics of America San Diego?

• Knowledgeable, kind, professional staff
• One-time treatment, no follow-up necessary
• Kid-friendly treatment
• Convenient hours by appointment only
• Less than 10 minutes East of I-5
• Bilingual English/Spanish

Our Re-Treatment Policy

• Effective Head lice and nit removal after a single LCA treatment
• Treatments completed in about an hour1
• We offer a 30-day re-treatment policy (all family members must be checked)*
• AirAllé® kills lice and 99%+ of lice eggs in an hour or less꙳

1 Actual treatment times may vary.

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Effective treatment in as little as ONE HOUR

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