The war against head lice

When facing the possibility of lice around the house, panic and fear of the unknown may overwhelm you. In the war against lice, here are a few thing you may find interesting to have in handy:

  1. A thin pick comb – will be useful to part hair apart in looking for nits (eggs).
  1. A magnifying glass – to spot little white specs and be able to determine whether they’re nits or dandruff.
  1. New hair clips, hair ties, combs & brushes– if you suspect that you or your child have lice, you’ll need to throw away or boil all your hair accessories and get new ones.
  1. Patience – having lice around the house will require a lot of patience… making sure no one else gets infested, calling everyone to alert them, delousing the house, etc.
  1. Our number! If you find out you or your child has lice, bring them in as soon as possible so we can take care of it in the most professional, effective and fast manner.


Lice Clinics of America San Diego offers highly effective treatments for head lice removal. We use heated air to dehydrate lice and nits. And to top it off, we have a re-treatment policy* for 30 days  as long as we can screen everyone in the same household. 858.249.8337 – give us a call!