Signs of Head Licw

                     Signs of Head lice

Signs of head lice can come as early as right away for some people. Lice can notoriously cause an itchy scalp from the bites.  Other skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema or even allergies to shampoo can cause itching as well. It is important to be able to differentiate those symptoms from lice before a lice infestation may have time to get worse. If your child has lice, you will notice small, brown insects the size of sesame seeds moving around or nits that look like they’re cemented on to individual hairs. It may be a little confusing to tell the difference between dirt or lice and nits. This blog will help you have all of the tools you need to successfully check your children for lice.

  • Wet your child’s hair with a spray bottle (not too wet but just enough)
  • Apply a little bit of conditioner to the hair
  • Use a wet brush to comb out tangles and slick the hair back
  • Grab a few sheets of paper towels
  • Using your “Terminator Lice Comb” (available at our clinics) comb along the scalp front to back starting at your hairline next to your ear. After each row, wipe it off onto the paper towel, you will overlap each row until you work your way to your other ear.
  • Using a white paper towel and white conditioner gives you the advantage to eliminate the confusion of dandruff.  Lice eggs are a tan or brown shade and easy to spot when using this method. The eggs will be in the shape of a teardrop and the bugs will be tan or brown about the size of a sesame seed.


                                        We Can Help

Lice can cause an uproar of panic, confusion, and dread when it’s time to clean.  The internet can cause even more mind-boggling as you read through the many different remedies and horror stories.

We are here to keep it simple. We educate and we eliminate the problem the same day in as little as one hour.  Our FDA-Cleared medical heated ’ device dehydrates and kills over 99.9% of all stages of lice.

We kill the most stubborn cases of head lice while ending the stigmas and fears of head lice.  You rest assured you will receive the best care and education from our professionals. Call us now! (619) 771-9988