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Lice Treatment Service in Encinitas

Lice Clinics of America (LCA) is committed to providing quick, non-toxic lice removal treatment to clients in Encinitas, California. Our patented AirAllé™ treatment is clinically tested and proven to kill all stages of head lice including their eggs  by utilizing controlled heated air. This method is safe, fast and highly effective against all head lice infestations, including the most stubborn of lice.

Our LCA Lice Removal Services

• Professional head check with treatment consult
• AirAllé® is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared medical device
• Head lice treatment by certified technicians
• Non-toxic and RE-TREATMENT policy

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• Knowledgeable, kind, professional staff
• One-time treatment, no follow-up necessary
• Kid-friendly treatment
• Convenient hours by appointment only
• Less than 10 minutes East of I-5
• Bilingual English/Spanish

Head Lice Removal in Encinitas Schools

At Lice Clinics of American San Diego we know that the various seasons including those during the school year bring about numerous head lice infestations.  At the start of the school year, kids have been on summer vacation, and some bring those bugs into the environment unknowingly following summer camp, sleepovers, and just playing with all the other children in the neighborhood.  We have provided safe head lice solutions to Encinitas schools with great results.  From head screenings to traditional comb-out treatments using non-toxic products to our most popular option which is the AirAllé treatment, we have multiple options.  The Air Alle involves the use of direct, heated air to dry out lice and their eggs (nits). This ‘one and done’ treatment only requires one application and then no follow-ups are necessary!

Most parents of children who attend Encinitas schools prefer not to use harsh products containing pesticides found over the counter.  Our skilled technicians perform a head lice check in order to determine which students have the condition so that an effective plan to eliminate those pesky critters can be put into place.  We offer effective lice treatment for every budget – including our heated air device, so that parents and teachers can rest assured those bugs are gone for good.

Natural head lice solutions have become the “go-to” treatment among schools, parents and pediatricians over the last few years and our FDA approved Air Alle heated air approach is perfect for these situations.  It’s no longer necessary to use harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals to achieve the results you expect.  That said, traditional products trusted for years are no longer effective against today’s strains of lice, so why waste your time, money and effort?  To learn more about how to get rid of lice in Encinitas schools, contact LCA San Diego today!

History of Lice

Head Lice – Where Did Those Nasty Critters Come From?

Whether you live in Encinitas or elsewhere, you may be curious about the history of head lice – especially if someone in your family has been affected by those frustrating little critters. While it’s believed lice have been around for tens of thousands of years or longer, there are many different opinions regarding where they originally began.

According to some the Ebers Payrus, an Egyptian medical guide, was where the first head lice treatment was recorded. This dates to about 1550 B.C. Some reports claim that mummified remains of ancient Egyptians and Romans were found to have intact nits on their heads.

Lice Dates Back to 8,000 B.C.!

Were head lice around before humans were? Many believe the answer to that question is yes, and claim that more than five million years ago chimpanzees had lice that over time migrated to humans. In 8,000 B.C. a head lice nit (egg) was reportedly discovered in a mummy’s hair on a body buried in northeast Brazil.

While there have been several alleged “remedies” for lice throughout ancient history from combining water and warm date meal in the mouth and spitting it onto the skin to shaving all body hair, the first somewhat useful treatment came when the Chinese discovered Pyrethrum powder in about 100 A.D., an insecticide derived from chrysanthemums. Today, most products found on store shelves designed to remove lice contain Pyrethrin, which is simply a more refined version of Pyrethrum.

Whatever the true history of head lice, do you really want to use potentially dangerous pesticides on you or your child’s head? Given that most lice have become immune to these pesticides, more parents, pediatricians and camps are relying on natural methods to remove those pesky bugs. If you’re interested in safe, non-chemical head lice remedies and are in the Encinitas area, rely on Lice Clinics of America San Diego for effective and safe solutions that are as easy as one and done!

Our Re-Treatment Policy

• Effective Head lice and nit removal after a single LCA treatment
• Treatments completed in about an hour1
• We offer a 30-day re-treatment policy (all family members must be checked)*
• AirAllé® kills lice and 99%+ of lice eggs in an hour or less

1Actual treatment times may vary

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