What are some fun activities for the kids in summer?

What are some fun activities for the kids in summer?

When living in southern California there are so many fun and exciting adventures to go on with your kids this summertime. Luckily we live so close to a few different theme parks in the area all of which are great for kids. Disneyland is of course one of the happiest places on earth and if filled with kid friendly rides and entertainment. Mikey and Miney mouse are always a delight to see and the food and fireworks show are amazing!

Theme Parks

If you are looking for roller coasters that are fun for the whole family then 6 Flags is the place to go they have huge and elaborate roller coasters that is great fun if you meet height requirement. 6 Flags is located in Valencia and is much more geared towards children over 10 years old. Their roller coasters are one of the biggest and fastest roller coasters in the world.

We also have Knotts Berry Farm which is perfect  for both kids and adults. Their roller-coaster are large and exhilarating while also have a wide selection of rides and activates for the little ones as well.

Who can leave out the one and only Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, with a wide variety of rides, games and adventure. With two parks available for fun one more geared towards kids and the other California Adventure open for a more mature crowd. If you are looking for a theme there is Legoland perfect for kids of all ages, explore your childhood toys come to life.

Finally SeaWorld is a great place to go and explore the wonders of the life under the sea. With dolphins, fish sharks and so many more underwater creatures to find SeaWorld is a wonderful place for both kids and adults.

Head Lice

With these great options for adventure with your family be sure to look out for places lice could be hiding. The easiest way to get head lice is by head to head contact and as such, the more crowded a place, the more exposed we can be. For all of your lice questions or treatments LCA San Diego is here to help. Don’t let head lice make your life in a roller coaster! We are here to help.

What do you do if you think you have lice?

What do you do if you think you have lice?

When you start to feel itchy or notice some specs in your hair what should you do? The first step is to screen your head. You can part the hair in small sections to inspect and look for lice eggs (nits). If you want professional help you can call us! We perform a thorough check and comb through each strand of hair to delineate between what is lice and what is dandruff. After this screening is completed the Lice technician will inform you if you have Lice or not and then offer a variety of treatments for you.

Treatment Options

The Lice Clinic of America’s Signature Treatment is the most effective and recommended for everyone who is affected by lice. This detailed 3-step lice removal process has been proven to fully resolve the lice problem. The first step is the FDA-cleared medical device which uses heated air to dehydrate the lice and their eggs (nits). The second step is to perform a pain free comb out to remove all of the dead debris left behind by the heat treatment. Finally the last step is to apply a topical rinse that is completely non-toxic and pesticide free. After all of these steps are completed you will leave our offices lice free.

What’s next?

LCA San Diego will not only treat lice in the office but will give your meticulous instructors as to how to help clean your house as well. Now that you are lice free you want to make sure you stay that way by deep cleaning your living environment. Washing and drying your clothes on high heat as well as bagging all non-washable items for 2-3 days will ensure that you will remain lice free. Lice clinics of America is here to help you and your family to overcome lice both inside and outside your home.