Healthy Snacks for Kids

Healthy snacks for kids

What healthy snacks for kids are the best? At the clinic we see many children and their families daily. We have taken some time this week to ask moms what healthy snacks they make for their kids so that we could share it with the rest of moms! Making healthy snacks has become not only popular but a need for our children. It does not have to be time consuming and it can be fun for them! Here’s a few healthy snacks for kids

Peanut butter apple tarts

Easy recipe that will make your kids eat apples like no other! cut apples in thin slices and add some of their favorite peanut butter on top, great combination of the protein and one of their 5 vegetables and fruits intake of the day! Sprinkle them with some granola for extra crisp 🙂

Frozen Fruit Kebabs

Use a skewer to make some fruit kebabs with grapes, banana, strawberry or other berries and dip them in yogurt…. then freeze them for a nice fruit icrecream-like snack for your kids. You can use flavored yogurt for extra taste

Oatmeal Bites

Mix oatmeal, honey and dark chocolate chips and make small bites on a plate. Leave it in the fridge until it becomes a desirable oatmeal bite! Oatmeal will give them energy to keep going with their day while they get some natural sweet from the honey and dark chocolate. To make it more creamy, you can add a banana to the mix.

Carrot Bites

Use your muffin baker to mix some shredded carrot, egg and cheese… and you have some high protein healthy snacks! Kids will love the sweet taste of carrot with the cheese and egg!

Try any of those options and let us know how you like them! Do you have any other ideas on healthy snacks for kids? Let us know. We are looking into having snacks during our lice removal treatments, what would be best?




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