Head Lice – Myths & Facts

While getting treating head lice infestations, most of our professionally trained operators have encountered that there is a lot of misconceptions about head lice. Here’s a few facts that will help a better understanding on Lice:

1. Head Lice don’t jump or fly. Instead, they crawl – really fast!

2. Head Lice are not easily killed with over the counter products. It has been proven that lice have become resilient to pesticides used in most of the over the counter lice removal products and therefore are not killed completely by them.

3. Head Lice don’t transmit diseases. Granted that they are a nuisance but a safe one!

4. Head Lice don’t discriminate by sex, race or economical status. They prefer humid heads, regardless of who it is, we all can get lice!
5. Nits (lice eggs) are not killed by over the counter products, they need to be combed out one by one and removed from the head to avoid future infestations. The best way to kill nits is by dehydration.
If you want to find out more about lice, visit our Q & A page or check out this website: endtheignorance.org