How do I search for lice & nits (eggs)?

You just got the circular and… great news, there’s a head lice outbreak at your child’s school. and you wonder how to make sure your kid is free of lice. Here’s a few tips on how to spot lice and nits (eggs):
1. Before screening your child’s head, make sure your own hair is on a pony tale or braid to avoid cross infestation if they have it.
2. In general, try to search for nits and not lice. Head lice crawl really fast and it might be difficult to spot them.
3. Head Lice and nits will most likely be on the base of the neck and along the hairline, as well as on top of the ears. Check those areas first as the likelihood of finding a louse or a nit is high if your child is infested,
4. Separate the hair thoroughly and look for small white-brown flakes attached to the hair. If you touch them and they move or fall they are most likely dandruff. If they’re stuck to the hair it’s most likely an egg.
5. You might need a magnifying glass and a fine toothed comb to help you with the search.
If you suspect an infestation or are unsure, contact us for a head screening. we will screen the head, diagnose the level of infestation and treat according to your needs.