Parents, you are not alone coping with Lice. We are here to help.

You come home from work and while combing your child’s hair… lice! Or you hear… “I found a bug in my head today!” Or you get a call or a letter from school alerting you about a lice outbreak. We’ve been there. We know how it feels like. You want to reach out, but not too much. You want to find a solution, but you’re not sure what’s best… We suggest you watch this short video where parents like you share their stories:

Finding lice on your children can be from frustrating to scary, overwhelming and gross almost always. We know it and we are here to help. Our team of professionals offers the best solution to take care of head lice. Our FDA cleared AirAllé device kills lice & nits (eggs) by using heated air. 1 hour treatment and done! No need to cut your child’s hair, spend countless hours handpicking nits and …, most importantly, no need for follow ups. Of course, we complement our dehydration treatment with the use of only natural, non-toxic products to assure you the best care during our lice removal treatment. If your children are struggling with lice… make an appointment now, even same day appointments are available!