Lice Prevention with creative hair does

Lice Prevention with creative hair does

One of the best ways to avoid a lice infestation and all of the inconveniences it comes with, is keeping your child’s hair up. Below we will go over some quick easy ways to keep your children’s hair up and out of the high risk zone for catching head lice. Did you know that your target for catching head lice is as long as your hair is when down? Although lice cannot fly, swim or jump-they can be flung, or transferred with a simple hug, selfie, sleepover or study partner. Keeping your hair up and out of your face, combined with a preventative shampoo, conditioner and spray makes all of the difference.

An asymmetric bun

This is a beautiful way to keep your daughters hair out of her face while being very trendy.
Just part the hair to one side and gather it into a ponytail on one side of the head. Twist it, and gather it into a bun. Next you will fasten with one or two hair ties, then get prepared to have a lot of admire

A Triple Plait

For many of you who don’t know how to make a perfect French braid, there’s one amazingly sneaky way to do it available to you. For starters make a braid out of hairs on the upper part of the head and fasten it with a hair tie at  the tip of the hair. Then gather up some of the hair in the middle of the back of the head, put the first plait in the middle of it and weave it together with the loose lock of hair to form another plait. Fasten this together with a hair tie once again. Repeat this process. The unfasten all the ends of the individual three braids and tie them together into one larger.

A Bow Shaped Bun

This is a really adorable hairstyle for a  beautiful little princess. Gather up the hair into a ponytail near the tip top of the head and then wrap a hair tie around the it just one time. Next just twist the hair tie around the ponytail again. Be sure to keep the hair tight. Now wrap one more time, but do not pull the hair all the way through the hair tie — instead leave a loop. Your child should now have a super tight bun on top of their head with the extra hair sticking out the front. Now separate the bun in half and grab three bobby pins. Spread the bun completely in half and smooth everything out with your hands so it looks even. Now pull the excess hair up and through the middle of the bun. It goes right through the bun separating the hair and creating the “bow”. Now use one of your bobby pins to secure the hair in the back of the head.

Keeping The Hair Up Helps But Just In Case

Although keeping your child’s hair up and using preventative spray is key in avoiding a lice infestation, there is always a chance of getting infested. LCA San Diego provides professional, affordable head lice assessments and removal to fit your families needs. Our treatment is efficient, one and done, simple and completed in as little as 1 hour.