Family Fun For The Weekend

Family fun for the weekend is just what everyone needs to defuse after a long week. From homework assignments to the high paced work week, it is easy to forget family bonding time. Each and every family is a small cell, and inside of the walls of this molecule there is a big incredible universe that is forever expanding. Making time to embark on adventures with your loved ones make life all the more worth living. This blog will give you three top choices for a fun and action packed weekend.


Bike Trips

Biking is a fun and educational way to enjoy very special moments together with your family. Your children will learn that a journey can be just as amazing as the goal itself. You will encounter the outside world outside of the typical car ride getting from point A to point B. Before doing this, it is important that you teach them all about the road rules from both the driver and the bikers perspective. Every single trip will bring a unique experience and turn of events. Biking will be a guaranteed way to preserve the greatest memories for your children.

Visit to the Local Museum

Museums are far from being boring these days, and are no longer consistent of old dusty stairways with dark rooms. They are now fully loaded with interactive technology making learning interesting. Your children have the chance to use all five of their senses while listening to audio and reading. It will be wonderful to get your children familiar with the fascinating stories that govern the ways of the Planet and Universe. Your children with mimic the behavior shown to them and will acquire a very cultured perspective. Additionally, the museum will be such a fun and healthy dialogue for discussion. Your children’s growing minds will be inquisitive and enriched on so many levels as you open the door to opportunities.

Organize a DIY ( Do it Yourself ) Project

Children already have an endless Imagination, so creating ways to allow them to use their brilliant ideas with their own hands is great fun! The beauty of DIY projects is that every individual piece of work will express the personality of its creator. No ones art or designs will be alike and that is a great thing. From origami to birthday cards, paintings, collages and more, they will learn and discover something new about themselves every time.

Be a Family That Stays Lice Free

So many adventures ahead for your family and such little time for an unwanted lice infestation. With helmet sharing and other activities abroad, it is important to stay lice free. We offer head checks year round to assure your family stays in the clear. Our staff will educate you and show you our incredible prevention product line. Call us now to book your appointment 858-249-8337

Planning a Family Trip

Planning a family trip is a very difficult task for the average busy family but this blog will help you get through it all! When you begin to research information to plan the perfect trip it can be an information overload. It is also very easy to talk yourself out of vacationing because it’s not the right time, but the truth is, there is never a perfect time. Traveling with kiddos can throw you an extra task from deciding on nap times, change in routine, feeding times to entertainment.

In the end, you will never regret a trip because of how much closer it will bring your family. The memories will be priceless because you will grow as a family and learn to be kind and patient through new situations and surroundings.

Set Goals

Are you looking to do something relaxing just to escape or to have a new cultural experience with your kids? When traveling with your children it will be nothing like traveling as couple, so you must plan accordingly. You should write out a list of ideas that can guarantee your family trip to be a success. Also, you should decide what things you are willing to sacrifice in order to make things run smooth and easy.

Decide Where to Go

This is the most difficult task because you want to make sure that it is memorable and kid-friendly. Pintrest is extremely helpful and visual leading to great advice from other parents just like you!

Once you have weighed out your options and have ideas in mind, there are a few other things to factor in. Travel costs, weather, kid-friendliness and also what your other family members would want can help you narrow down your final choice.


Unfortunately traveling is not free, so having a savings plan in place is a must. Take a moment to think about how much you would feel comfortable spending. You can save weekly, monthly and make sure what you are putting to the side is practical.

Every penny adds up and will turn your dreams of traveling into a reality!

Keep Your Vacation Lice Free

Lice always has a way of intruding at the most inconvenient times, so it’s important to make sure your vacation stays lice-free. Come in for a pre vacation lice check and a post vacation check to assure you are only bringing back memories with you!

Our Air Alle’ medical heated air device is safe-easy and a one and done treatment. We dehydrate and kill all stages of lice in as little as one hour! You deserve a stress free vacation and only the best service if you have any unwanted lice friends! Call us now 858-249-8337

Back To School Season

Back To School Season

Back to school season is finally upon us! Getting into the perfect back to school routine and establishing how to have a smooth sailing 2019 is all in this blog! A new year brings a great fresh slate and fresh start for you to write your future and redefine who you are and aspire to be. You can approach this school year with a positive attitude and discipline to stay on top of what is important.

A Good Schedule

Electronics are fun but also play a big part in distractions. As fun as scrolling through Facebook or Instagram all hours of the night can be, you will regret it in the morning. Sleep is so important and feeling rested has a lot of impact on your learning experience. Have your child put their phone down along with no TV until studying and homework is complete. Setting restrictions and boundaries for your child ahead of time, you will be more likely to stick to them. Set time guidelines and calculate how much time everyday your child will need to get dressed, eat breakfast etc.

Positivity is Success

Feeding your children’s growing brains with positive affirmations can set them up for success! Offering educational support as well as emotional support is so important. It also helps to have a great relationship with the teachers touching base through email once a week. For your pre-teen or teenagers encourage them to have their favorite inspirational quotes on their notebook. They will see it every time it opens and feel rays of positivity, for example:

No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.
-Taylor Swift

Stay Lice Free

Staying lice free may be hard to do with all of the activities, selfies and sleepovers the school year may bring. With so much to do during your busy week, the last thing you need is an unwanted lice infestation.

We offer the quickest one and done treatment for lice removal by using controlled heated air. Our Air Alle’ medical heated air device is 99.9% effective killing all stages of lice in as little as one hour. We also have the best Lice Prevention Line of Products; call us now at 858-249-8337

Back To School Tips for Busy Moms

Back to school tips for busy moms will set you up with all the tools you need to stay on top of this school year. First, it is important to address any concerns you have for yourself or your child to the school prior to the year starting. Our children become nervous about the new situations to come whether it is a new school, teacher or classroom. Taking them to visit their new school or classroom prior to the first day of school is a way to ease the first day jitters. Teachers understand that students are a bit nervous and will go the extra mile with effort making sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible.

Consider getting your child on their school sleep/wake schedule a week or more ahead so the time change is not such a shock factor on their first few days. Make sure to touch base with your child’s new teacher at the beginning and end of the days so they can see how supportive you are of your child’s education experience.

Make Back To School Fun

Focusing on the positive aspects of starting the new school and creating a highly anticipated first day of class is helpful! You can also find a nearby neighborhood child or friend to walk to school or ride the bus to school with. You can roleplay the first day of school with your child and even how to make friends! You can take them to the school playground a few days before school starts allowing them to get comfortable in their new environment.


School time

10 Morning Routine Tips

  • #1. Lay Out Everything The Night Before.
  • #2. Make Lunch in Advance.
  • #3. Have Everything in the Same Place.
  • #4. Earlier to Bed on School Nights.
  • #5. Have The Little Things Ready too.
  • #6. Allow Time If Kids are taking the Bus.
  • #7. Routines Do Work.
  • #8. Prep Breakfast.
  • #9. Allow Extra Time.
  • #10. Have Your Coffee Ready to Go.

Keep LCA in Your Back pocket

With 6-12 million cases of head lice per year, it’s best to have Lice Clinics of America as your one-stop solution for lice removal.

We have the most incredible staff ready to give you a 5-star experience with all of your lice removal needs. We offer the quickest, most effective treatment using our FDA cleared Air Alle medical heated air device. This incredible treatment kills all stages of lice in as little as one hour. We look forward to helping you; give us a call now 858-249-8337


Fathers Day – Dads are So Important

Fathers Day – Dads are So Important

Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day
This Father’s Day is the best time to show your dad how much you care and love him. Instead of giving dad the traditional gifts, why not give him something different that he will truly cherish forever. Make this special day for him and show him that you planned his day special according to him. Here are
some amazing ideas for your dad to enjoy!

A Note of Appreciation
Showing him how much you respect, appreciate and love him in a nice thank-you note would truly make his day. You can also make a short family video thanking him for his emotional and moral support.

Relieve the Pressure
Give your dad the ultimate stress free day, free of any kind of pressure. Make sure that he is fully relaxed without any deadlines hassle free.
Bring him snacks, meals, drinks and let him enjoy his day doing what he loves.

Quality Time
Make this Father’s Day the best opportunity to drop your busy plans and give the quality time as a gift. You can enjoy a walk, camping,
fishing or a picnic at a beautiful park sharing your favorite stories and laughs.

A Nice Gift of Choice

Ask dad what he wants to do for the day and exactly how he wants to do it! Let him go to a game if he loves sports, or going fishing, bbq or a
gift that he has been wanting forever.

Play Genie and Make His Dreams Come True
If there is anything that your dad has wanted to do for a long time, you can arrange it. His favorite restaurant or a shopping spree. You may
have a little splurging to do, but it will be so worth it to see him indulge like he deserves.

LCA Wishes You a Happy Father’s Day!
Above all, your appreciation and love is the best gift on Earth for your dad. You are his greatest gift, happiness and joy. We wish you the most
memorable day with your family and hope you enjoy some of these helpful tips for dad!

Ready for Halloween?

Ready for Halloween? We are officially in the month of Halloween! This October will be themed with scary faces, ideas to dress up and candy. We wanted to have a head start and give you some creative ideas to dress your children up as well as making sure they are not on a sugar high.


Creative Ideas to Dress Up

If your child is looking for ideas, the most resourceful page you will find will be Pinterest. It will also help you find alternatives to buying expensive dress up costumes that will only be good for one week. Children will definitely have ideas from their favorite movies like The Incredibles, Spiderman, Captain America or Coco. In this instance we wanted to share with you an easy way to prepare for face paint if your child wants to be Coco this year.

1.Start by delineating the eyes and nose with black face pencil. Then apply a coat of white face paint.

2. Apply red and black paint onto the eyes and make a daisy shape on the outsides

3. Finish up by being creative with the swirls!

How to avoid the sugar high?

We all know the favorite part of Halloween for our kids is going trick or treating. We also know those days can end in our children being stomach sick or running around like crazy due to the amount of candy they eat. What can we do to avoid the sugar high?

1. Limit the intake to 3/4 candies a day. if your child is young, take their candy and ration every day a little bit. make it a fun game to see how long it lasts!

2. Talk to your child. We know it’s probably hard to convince them but explain why it’s best to keep sugar to a limit and how much more enjoyable it will be if they take a bit every day and not get sick.

3. Find sugar free or low sugar candy to distribute to the neighborhood. Most of those candies taste the same and all moms will be grateful for it!

Our hope is that you have a stress free Halloween with easy and budget oriented ideas for your kids to have fun. Have a spooky and safe Halloween!

Father’s Day is Coming! Stay Lice- free

Father’s Day is coming!

Father’s Day is coming! Do you have anything special planned for daddy this Fathers Day?

Sometimes the greatest things in life are virtually priceless!  A nice picnic with a bunch of his favorite goodies and a nice ambiance with the family is always a fabulous go-to.  At Lice Clinics of America, family is our core value and we would like to wish all of the amazing, dedicated fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day. Here’s a few ideas on how to spend some time with your kids preparing for father’s day:


                           Father’s Day themed cookies

Frost a large sugar cookie (blend vanilla frosting with a drop or two of red food coloring for lighter skin tones or with chocolate frosting for brown shades). Trim a fruit leather mask and press it in place. Spoon leftover frosting into a ziplock bag and snip off a corner. Pipe on a nose. Make eyes on white York Pieces with a black food writer and attach with frosting. Press on hair (see below), then a red licorice lace mouth.


Upper left and bottom right: Soften a Tootsie Roll Midgee or fruit chew in the microwave for 5 seconds, roll it flat, and trim as shown; add texture with a toothpick, if you like.
Upper right: Roll and trim a large gumdrop.
Middle right: Cut a black licorice twist into pieces.
Bottom left: Sprinkle on shredded coconut.

                                       Father’s  Day Arts and Crafts

This craft would make a great present for your Dad on Father’s Day.

  1. You will need a clear glass, as pictured below. Then find some photographs of yourself and cut a few of them out as they will be decorating your photo paper weight. Also cut out letters from magazines to spell out ‘Best Dad’ or ‘Top Dad’ or something like that.
  2. Then moisten the picture a bit and stick it around the inside of the glass. Now have your Mom mix some patching plaster with water until it is thick.
  3. Turn the glass so the opening is upwards and fill it with the plaster and smooth the top out with a knife…then let is set until it is hard.
  4. Trace a circle piece of felt and cut it out and then cover the top layer of plaster with glue and then with the felt. Your Dad can stick it upside down as a paper weight photo display for his desk.

                                            Head Screening Time!

With summer approaching , come in to your local Lice Clinics of America and we would be happy to give your family head screenings and talk about all of the ways to avoid lice this summer!  It is also very important to do a head screening upon your children’s arrival home from summer camp! Prepare for father’s day so you can have a lice-free time 🙂








What are some fun activities for the kids in summer?

What are some fun activities for the kids in summer?

When living in southern California there are so many fun and exciting adventures to go on with your kids this summertime. Luckily we live so close to a few different theme parks in the area all of which are great for kids. Disneyland is of course one of the happiest places on earth and if filled with kid friendly rides and entertainment. Mikey and Miney mouse are always a delight to see and the food and fireworks show are amazing!

Theme Parks

If you are looking for roller coasters that are fun for the whole family then 6 Flags is the place to go they have huge and elaborate roller coasters that is great fun if you meet height requirement. 6 Flags is located in Valencia and is much more geared towards children over 10 years old. Their roller coasters are one of the biggest and fastest roller coasters in the world.

We also have Knotts Berry Farm which is perfect  for both kids and adults. Their roller-coaster are large and exhilarating while also have a wide selection of rides and activates for the little ones as well.

Who can leave out the one and only Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, with a wide variety of rides, games and adventure. With two parks available for fun one more geared towards kids and the other California Adventure open for a more mature crowd. If you are looking for a theme there is Legoland perfect for kids of all ages, explore your childhood toys come to life.

Finally SeaWorld is a great place to go and explore the wonders of the life under the sea. With dolphins, fish sharks and so many more underwater creatures to find SeaWorld is a wonderful place for both kids and adults.

Head Lice

With these great options for adventure with your family be sure to look out for places lice could be hiding. The easiest way to get head lice is by head to head contact and as such, the more crowded a place, the more exposed we can be. For all of your lice questions or treatments Lice Clinics of America is here to help. Don’t let head lice make your life in a roller coaster! We are here to help.

Summer break – staying at home or summer camp?

Summer break – staying at home or summer camp? To be or not to be… the eternal question J The end of school is near and with that, there will be fun activities and camps.  One thing you don’t want to pack with you is HEAD LICE!.

Lice is more common than you might think as there are more than 3 million cases a year. Don’t let you or your child be one of them, whether you are staying home or sending them to camp screen your child before and after the break to avoid outbreaks at home and have peace of mind!

Staying at home

Since we live in Southern California most of our summer time is spent outside or in the water. We are lucky enough to live by the ocean and have these beautiful beaches and many people might choose to spend the summer taking advantage of our beautiful nature surroundings. But what about head lice? Many think that the lice would be killed if they spent enough time in the water. Unfortunately, that is not the case as head lice can be under water for more than 6 hours! Even if we were able to drawn the bugs, the nits (lice eggs) will still be there. Those nits like to stick to the hair like glue which is why you may need a professional to help remove them from the hair. Lice Clinics of America is focused and committed to make your summer bug free so you can enjoy your fun in the sun!

Summer Camps

Adventure camps, science and music camps, day camps… there’s so many choices! If your child likes one of the fun activities, they have they are going to enjoy being at a summer camp doing the thing they love and sharing it with other children. One of the #1 ways to spread head lice is by head to head contact so the more children the more possibility to get head lice. If your child’s summer camp doesn’t offer screenings have them give us a call, we’ll do it at no cost!

We specialize in treating and helping families with the nasty bug by performing a one of a kind non-toxic and no pesticide treatment. Summer should be a time of excitement and relaxation don’t interrupt your vacation with an itchy head. Lice Clinics of America offers and treatment that is one and done so you don’t have to keep coming back for checks and best of all the entire process is done in our safe, clean and friendly environment.

Fun Outdoor Games to Play with your kids

Fun Outdoor games to play with your kids

Fun outdoor games to play with you kids? Now that summer is coming up and it’s great outside, your kids may want to play in the yard or park all day long. If you’re wondering what to do to keep the entertained, check out this ideas we have gathered from our customers:

Play with balloons and noodles

Use the pool noodles as a bat to kick some balloons around! Inflate different color balloons and play with your kids to kick them with the noodle/bat. We avoid any painful bat experiences and we have a lot of fun!

Create your own tic-tac-toe

Grab six stones medium size shaped that you can use to play tic-tac-toe. paint them in different shapes and colors, then create a canvas with a big piece of paper and… game ON!

Practice their aim

Take different buckets from your house and create different shape balls with paper and tape. Place the buckets at different distances and test your aim! Try aiming with big balls to medium size buckets and then with big buckets, keep score and give a candy-price at the end!

Balloon Dart-Board

If you want to get creative, find a wood panel or pallet and pin different color balloons to it. Have your kids play dart and explode the balloons, they will have a ton of fun 🙂

Ring Toss

Buy some glowing sticks at the store and place them together in different size rings. Place a stick at the park or your yard and start aiming! Play after hours for extra fun glowing game!

Play all those games and let us know how you like them, if you have more ideas, share them with us!