The Truth About Lice Eggs

The Truth About Lice Eggs

The truth about lice eggs may come as a shock to most parents out there,
because although the eggs can be a nuisance to get rid of, they are completely
harmless while in the incubation stage. You cannot catch a lice egg from
someone, but you can catch a bug once they hatch and then the cycle continues.
Lice eggs are hard to see, but this blog will help you understand how to deal
with the eggs head on, things that work and the truth about lice eggs altogether.

Lice Egg Incubation and Hatching Period

A female louse will lay its eggs about a half an inch from the scalp where it is warm and
humid for the eggs to properly incubate for 7-10 days. If the eggs are removed or
extracted, they will die very shortly after. Eggs will only hatch one time with only
one nymph emerging from that single egg.
The glue that secures the egg may remain in your hair for several months if they
are not extracted. Removing eggs can seem like the most tedious task because
although most eggs are visible, there are some which are microscopic and not
fully developed.

How To Spot Lice Eggs

Lice eggs (often referred to as nits) look like tiny tan or brown teardrop shaped
dots before they hatch. They often get confused for dandruff or hair product
eminence, but the eggs are only launched to one side of the hair strand. To the
touch they will have a grain of sand like feeling and will not slide off easily if your
try to remove them with our fingers.

The easiest way to tell if you have a head lice infestation is to follow these steps:
1.) Wet your hair with a spray bottle
2.) Fully detangle by adding a bit of conditioner and brushing
3.) Gather a few sheets of paper towels to have on hand
4.) Glide your lice comb along the scalp starting at your hair line from one ear, and
comb all the way to the back of the head not missing the baby hairs.
5.) Wipe it onto the paper towel where you will clearly be able to see the brown or
tan teardrop shaped eggs and bugs through the conditioner.
6.) Repeat these steps by overlapping your last row by half until you make your
way to the other side of your head ( your other ear) wiping each row on your paper
towel until you find proof you are infested.

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