Talking about Lice makes me itch!!

We receive about 50 calls and see around 40 people every week for head lice in San Diego. Most of

the people we screen has lice but some of them just come in to make sure they’re on

the clear. Just knowing that you have been around lice makes people itch.


Even though itching is one of the most common symptoms of head lice, you can also

itch for many other reasons:


* stress – the news of having lice in the family or even seeing a louse on your

child makes everyone panic and therefore, stressed. Itching is a common

response of our body to stress and if you add up the fact that you just saw a bug in

your child’s hair or that you know lice live in human heads, the likelihood of your

head itching becomes pretty high.


* over the counter products (OTC) – one of the most common reactions we see when

head lice is found is to run to the pharmacy and apply over the counter products to

all the family members, “just in case.” But OTC products have pesticides and toxic

ingredients that can cause skin irritation and indeed, itching.


* other scalp/head conditions: dry scalp, dandruff, and skin irritation may cause

itching as well. Changing shampoos, using different hair products or even humidity

or a change in the weather can impact your scalp and skin, resulting in itching.


* Head Lice! – yes, over 50% of people that call us complaining about itching have

lice. If you quickly screen yourself for the reasons why your head is itching and

there is lice around you, most likely you have lice. The best way to react is to get

a professional head screening to determine whether you have been infested or not.


At Lice Clinics of America we perform over 100 head screenings a month, thus providing a professional diagnose and being able to perform head lice removals in San Diego  in a safe and quick manner. Make an appointment now!