How to talk to your children about Head Lice

As parents, when we find out that our children have lice our first reaction is not always the best. The facts is that lice are annoying, sometimes disgusting and can be completely overwhelming to deal with. But knowing the right way to talk about lice to our children will make our life easier when that time comes and will also make them not feel awful or guilty about it.

Here’s some quick tips to talk to your children about lice:

Explain lice symptoms to your children – so they can alert you before the infestation has gone too far. You can always have a lice comb in the shower and make it a routine for them to comb their hair every day or to have you do it, if there’s lice, you’ll be able to see it when they just got infested and it will be much easier to deal with it.

Educate them on lice prevention – advise them to wear their hair up or braided, not share jackets, helmets and hats and even have them wear protective lice repellant products on their hair.
Don’t Panic – know your options to treat lice so you can react as soon as possible and don’t panic so that you don’t create that same reaction on them.
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