We can handle SuperLice

Recent studies have alerted us that SuperLice have made their way to California. 

What are SuperLice?

SuperLice are a mutation of head lice that have become stronger and resilient to most pesticides used in over the counter treatments. Dr. Kyong Yoon, who has researched pesticide resistance in head lice since the 1990s released an update showing that head lice in 83 percent of the states he sampled—including California —now have gene mutations making them resistant to pesticides in the most popular lice shampoos.


How do I kill SuperLice? 

The AirAlle device kills  SuperLice in just one treatment. This FDA-cleared medical device, dehydrates head lice & nits (eggs) through heated air. Our head lice removal treatment takes just an hour, is completely safe- we use all natural products, no pesticides or harsh chemicals- and comes with a re-treatment policy* of 30-days. Lice Clinics of America San Diego helps you kill lice and SuperLice!