Sending your kid to summer camp? Lice detention is your best ally

Like many other parents you are probably already getting ready to send out your kids to summer camps. Whether they are staying overnight or just going to the day a few preparations are in order. Have you thought about Head Lice? The truth is that many children come back from camp with head lice and the best thing we can do is detect & prevent. But how?

1. Check you child for lice before sending them to camp so that if they are infested you can treat them before it further spreads and before you have to pull them out of camp. Find out more on how to check for Head Lice. 
2. Send your children to camp with our preventative spray & shampoo. This products are specifically design to repel lice, thus diminishing the likelihood of you child catching lice. Check more about our products.
3. Ask the camps if they can do a pre-screening before all the kids start camp. This will help you and them contain any possible infestations and avoid them spreading to all other kids. Did you know Lice Clinics of America offers FREE Head Screenings at Camps? Have your children’s camp give us a call and we’ll gladly help them!
And last but not least, forget about having lousy days, if your kids have lice, bring them in and we’ll take care of it professionally with a safe and fast treatment.