Kill Head Lice at Home

Is it possible to remove Head Lice at home by yourself? YES! It’s more time consuming and it requires to be organized and meticulous but it is possible.

How to kill head lice at Home

The products to kill head lice

The most important thing is finding the right products. In our opinion, we should stay away from chemicals and pesticides. They are not only bad for our health and our environment but lately it has been proven that they are not always the most effective. The same applies for completely natural products such as mayonnaise or olive oil. Although those products may have worked in the past, head lice have become stronger and resilient to over the counter. There are specifically formulated natural products for head lice removal.

Combing out the nits to kill head lice

Once we have the product we need to know that it’s objective is to kill alive head lice, not their nits (lice eggs). The only solution for the nits is combing, over and over again. The best strategy to follow is to section the hair is six parts and comb each section separating in different layers from bottom to top. This can take 1-2hrs with medium to long hair.

Lice Cycle

Once we have applied product and combed out, we need to familiarize ourselves with the lice cycle. Eggs that are newly laid will hatch in 7-10days and become nymphs -baby lice-. After 7-10 days those nymphs will become adults who will mate and lay more eggs. Knowing this, it’ important we keep combing to eliminate eggs that are left behind on our first comb through. In addition, we repeat the application of the product after ten days to ensure any nymphs die in the process.

Head Lice Life Cycle

Head Lice Life Cycle – Kill Head Lice

Being careful, mindful and thorough is the key to success. At Lice Clinics of America we have the products that will help you kill head lice: products to kill them, aid you in the comb out process, lice combs and preventative products. All in one stop at one of our shops conveniently located in Clairemont or Encinitas. Stop by and we’ll help you find what works best for you.

You can always count on our professional lice removal services if the process becomes too overwhelming or time consuming. We offer a one hour treatment using our medical device – FDA cleared – that kills lice and nits through dehydration. Kill head lice in a easy and safe way! Find out more.