What to do when your child keeps getting head lice?

What to do when your child keeps getting head lice? Often times we see families that have had too many recurrences with head lice. Moms sometimes are at their wits ends after several treatments and children keep getting lice!.

What to do when your child keeps getting lice?

Don’t Blame the child.

The first thing we want to avoid is blaming the child. You and your child can do a few things to avoid re-infestations but at the end of the day is no one’s fault. Lice exist and spread easily. In addition, killing head lice is not always easy. Re-ocurrences of lice infestations happen more often than we think. Where is it coming from? There’s a few possibilities as to why lice keep coming.

New Infestations

Do you know if someone around your child has lice? If someone has lice, they should remove them right away. If you are unaware of someone with lice, follow our prevention tips. Prevention tips give you a higher chance of not getting lice again but unfortunately they are not always effective. In addition, you should know that some companies like Lice Clinics of America offer free screening at schools. We make sure lice is out of the schools to ensure less re-infestations!

Lice Treatments

What Lice Treatment are you using for your child? Nit picking is a difficult and very time consuming process that may result in a failure to end with the lice infestation. Make sure you follow instructions thoroughly if you are using over the counter products. As much as you can, bring your children to a professional to be treated for head lice. This way you can ensure better results!

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Facts about Lice

If you have done a proper treatment, killed lice and taken preventative tips you should know… head lice like a certain type of humidity and type of blood more than others. Therefore, if your child has the right combination of both, she or he will be more prone to get lice. Although there is not much we can do to change that, knowing the factors may help be more at peace with it.

Always check with a professional if you have questions about Head Lice or Head Lice treatments.