Summer Lice is Not Nice

Summer Lice is Not Nice

Summer Lice is Not Nice. Lice unfortunately does not take the summer off, in fact there is a huge increase in infestations after children have spent long periods of time in the community. Summer camp is a huge contributor to the summer lice blues! Many of the summer camps provide head screenings to check for lice upon the children’s arrival however it’s always best to have the professionals take a look for accuracy. Moms feel free to spread the word to the head nurse at your child’s summer camp that we are offering free head screenings to them this summer 🙂

Lice Does Not Discriminate
Did you know that head lice are equal-opportunity parasites? This means that just because you have an infestation, doesn’t mean that you or your home is dirty. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and estimated 6-12 million infestations occur each year to children between the ages of 3-11 years old.

Knowledge is Power
Our technicians are diligently trained with knowledge just to assure we can correctly educate families when they come to see us. Whether it’s just a head screening to check for lice or a full treatment, we take our time to answer any questions you have and educate you with very useful information.

Lice Clinics of America Is Hassle Free
Lice Clinics of America is committed to providing quick, non-toxic lice removal treatment and is clinically tested and proven to kill all stages of head lice including their eggs by utilizing controlled heated air. This method is safe, fast and highly effective against all head lice infestations, including the most stubborn of lice.
We also have a 30 day re-treatment policy so feel free to come in for a head screening this summer to assure that you will not have an itchy one!