The History of Head Lice

The History of Head Lice

The History of Head Lice – Did you know that as long as humans have been on this Earth, head lice have been right there living with us? –well actually more like on us.  They are sometimes referred to as “heirloom parasites” by Scientists, because not only have they been with us for millions of years, but they’re ours and ours only. No other type of animal suffers from the very dreaded nits! How lucky are they?  It has been estimated that around 100,000 years ago, head lice and body lice split into two groups, and even long before this took place, lice has been a constant nuisance for people.

                            The Earliest Records of Treatment

The earliest records in the United States of head lice treatment is from the early 1800’s.

There was a bone lice comb that was uncovered in the early 1930’s from Fort Crawford that can be found at the Wisconsin Historical Museum.  For a very long time now, it has been known that Fort Crawford was not a very healthy environment and served as an enclosed haven for various diseases and parasites.

There have also been head lice comb discoveries found in Cumbria,  England that is dated to the first century AD/CE, and many sites in Israel, Italy, Europe and Asia that all date back to the same time period.


                                            The Evolution of Treatment

Nowadays the term “Super Lice” is used to describe chemical resistant lice that once upon a time were not so chemical resistant.  At Lice Clinics of America, we often times see clients with live bugs the very next day after an in home chemical based treatment is used.  As history shows, the accuracy of elimination lies in extracting every single egg.  Because everyone is only human, it’s easy to miss a few eggs when combing and an infestation will start all over again.  Our Air Alle Treatment is the ultimate solution to ending the cycle of lice-FAST, no worries, no follow up appointments and in one hour. Find out more by calling us at 858.249.8337.