Head Lice is Contagious

Head Lice is Contagious

Head lice is contagious and most commonly spread by direct head-to-head contact. Much less frequently they can be spread by sharing belongings or clothing where the lice have crawled and made their way to your head. Catching lice from a louse that has fallen onto a carpet is unlikely.

Head lice survive up to 48 hours if they fall off a person’s head and cannot feed properly. Nits will be unable to hatch and will die if they are not kept at the same temperature that is on the scalp. Lice eggs (nits) are not contagious but the bugs are where it all begins. It is very necessary to take the proper steps to avoid an unwanted lice infestation from making its way to your head.

How to Avoid Catching Lice

You can prevent catching an unwanted head lice infestation by avoiding head to head contact during activities at home, school, sports, sleep overs, camp or on the playground. Do not share hair ribbons, combs, brushes and avoid sharing head-ware. You can bring your own pillow and blanket to sleepovers as well as checking your hair for a bug before and after with a Terminator lice comb. It is also very preventative to avoid laying on beds, pillows, stuffed animals or couches that have recently been in contact with a person who is infested.

We Can Help

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