Can I prevent Lice?

Once you’ve had an infestation at home or when you hear your friends talking about lice, you wonder… how can I prevent lice?

You might have heard that peppermint or rosemary oil are a natural repellent and even though it is, lice have become resilient to it and it would not protect you completely from getting it. There are, however, many things you can do to reduce the risk of getting head lice.

For your children: 

* braid your child’s hair or put it up in a pony tale.

* keep their jackets and other clothing in a bag while at school.

* teach your children not to share hats, comb or brushes, hair accessories or helmets.

* tell them to avoid head to head contact when taking pictures or selfies or when studying

* screen them every other day until they reach 8th grade. Finding nits on time will reduce the level of infestation.

For yourself:

* wear your hair up and avoid sharing anything touching another person hair (hair brushes, helmets, hats, etc.)

* items that might be infested can be placed in a cloth dryer on high heat.

* when traveling by bus, airplane or at the movie theater, protect your head.


Screening often is your best option to prevent lice. In addition, Lice Clinics of America San Diego provides an innovative product to repel head lice from crawling to your head.

(info about protect )

And if you get infested…. contact us! Same day appointments with re-treatment policy* for 30 days in just one hour.