Encinitas is now mobile, and we are so happy to announce the great news!

LCA-Encinitas is now offering you an even more convenient way to get lice removal right in the comfort of your own
home. We have noticed that there has been a higher request for mobile, and because we value the feedback from our
customers so much, we really decided to take it to the next level with Mobile Services. Your comfort and all-around
experience are one of the main focuses to LCA-Encinitas.


We have been extremely dedicated to delivering excellence to our valued customers over the years. We want to give the easiest experience possible, here are some of the reasons we chose to go mobile:

  • Save money on gas! With gas prices sky rocketing, this is a more cost sufficient option. While we do charge a small
    fee, it is very reasonable and fair.
  • It saves time! No need to worry about traveling and wasting precious hours going to and from the clinic. With
    mobile, while our technicians are busy treating the family, you can follow our quick and easy LCA you tube
    video guide on how to clean the home in just a few steps. Now you can be time efficient and continue with your
    daily duties while we relieve all the stress from your lice infestation.


Our Encinitas Technicians have dedicated over seven amazing years to our North County customers. They are truly
passionate about giving a top tier experience paired with knowledge. LCA-Encinitas provides an incredible level of
comfort to anyone dealing with the inevitable stress of a lice infestation. Most importantly, their love for children is one of the main reasons we are so highly reviewed and trusted by thousands over the years. On top of that, we offer the quickest, safest once and done treatment around. Our exclusive Air Device will dehydrate and kill all stages of lice, leaving you lice-free, stress-free with no follow up appointments necessary.


As Summer is approaching and it is also the time for a significant amount of social interaction, here are some tips to
stay lice-free:

  • Put your hair up in a bun, ponytail or in a braid. Note: Short or tightly bound hair reduces the risk of hair-tohair contact. When your hair is down, it creates a bigger target for lice to transfer onto.
  • Avoid sharing the same combs or brushes. Schedule a head lice screening for your child by LCA- Encinitas
    before and after camp to make sure your child isn’t bringing head lice to camp in the first place.


We know that most summer camps require a pre camp headlice screening, and we are happy to be your selection to get the job done! You can also count on us to handle any unexpected lice problems your kiddos may have encountered at any of the summer activities they attend. LCA-Encinitas also offers amazing deals to summer camps and other programs for checks and treatments. For more info about our services, visit
Or call 858-252-0044.