Things you did not know about Head Lice

Things you did not know about Head Lice

At our office we see hundreds of families and children every month and we always find things you did not know about head lice. If you are fortunate enough to not have had lice until now you may find this article very interesting! For those who have been dealing with it a few times already, you may learn something new 🙂

Lice don’t fly

Head lice don’t fly or jump. Just being in the same room of someone infested is not enough for you to get lice. Head lice crawl, really fast, and the easiest way of getting them is through head to head contact.

A female louse once pregnant can lay eggs for the rest of her life.

Once a female louse has mated and has become pregnant, she can lay eggs for the rest of her life. That explains why sometimes we see heads with multiple eggs and very few – or even none – bugs. The life cycle of lice is around 31 dies from the moment they hatch from the egg to the moment they die. After an egg is laid, it takes about 7-10 days for it to hatch and become a nymph, commonly referred as “baby lice”. A nymph will take in turn 7-19 days to become an adult who can at that time, mate and lay more eggs. Female lice lay around 10 eggs a day.

Adults can also get head lice

Although we see head lice infestations usually in children, adults can also get head lice. Not only from children around them but from other adults, furniture, planes, shared fabrics, etc.

Eggs cannot infest you once pulled out of the hair

Once an egg has been pulled out of the hair it loses it’s source of nutrients and it’s way of living, therefore dying. We have to be aware of adult louse and nymphs, those are the ones that can actually infest our heads when we are close to someone with head lice. Especially when performing in home treatments on your children, be aware of cross-infestations and protect yourself.

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