Safe Head Lice Removal Treatments

When we think about home remedies,we instantly believe they are safe and easy to do. Just like our grandmothers would have done it,we think. But with head-lice is not as easy and is definitely not as safe as we would think. 
Home remedies can lead to harmful side effects and severe complications
Contrary to popular belief not all home remedies are safe. I have heard of people treating lice with kerosene and sun exposure. Not only would it affect and irritate your scalp but chronic cases of allergies and skin irritation have been encountered after those types of treatments. 
A recent accident in Boston has proven that home remedies can be even fatal for children. Long hours of comb-out make children impatient and can sometimes make parents reckless. If you chose to perform a home remedy make sure yourself and your child are safe and keep an eye on their reactions at all times. (news – Springfield toddler dies during lice treatment)
Over the counter products typically use chemicals to kill head lice. Since most of them do not take care of the nits (eggs), follow up treatments are needed after a week. Repetitive treatments with chemicals may lead to dry scalp and skin irritation.
Natural Home Remedies
Natural home remedies such as mayonnaise or rosemary oil have not been proven to take care of lice. Even if they kill all the adult ones, you’d still need to spend long hours combing the hair in order to take out all the eggs. 
Professional Head Lice Removal Treatments
Whenever is possible, having a professional screen your head and perform head lice removal treatment to ensure the best results. At Lice Clinics of America we use the revolutionary AirAlle medical device that kills lice & nits with heated air. safe and effective, one treatment and done! find out more.