Lice is making children miss school!

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a publication recommending children to not stay home if they have lice.
Debate has been created since the publication as most schools have a no nit policy in place. Head lice do not spread any diseases and are considered safe even tough they may be annoying and even disgusting sometimes.
The issue according to experts is that around 12 million people get lice in the U.S and, for children, that has a tremendous impact on number of days missed at school due to head lice. On the other hand, schools and states that have a no-nit policy explain that head lice spread extremely fast and it’s a safety precaution to send children home so the totality of the classroom remains not infested. However, it is important to remember that once an infestation is noted the likelihood of it being spread already is high. Removing that child from the classroom may help prevent further infestations but does not guarantee that no one else will be infested already, after all head lice crawl and spread really fast especially in children  from 4-11 years old.
The solution for AAP is to allow children to finish their day at school but encourages parents to take care of it in an immediate way to prevent other children from getting infested. This solution will help diminish absenteeism but it also has an impact on the child’s socio-emotional well being as the social stigma that staying home and not being allowed back at school also diminishes.
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