10 facts about head lice you probably didn’t know

1. An adult Lice can be gray or brown and no larger than a sesame seed.
2. Lice don’t  fly or jump, they crawl really fast!
3. Even though lice feed from your blood, they don’t transmit diseases when they go from human to human.
4. Lice can live 30 days in a human head.
5. Lice can survive off a human body for up to 48 hours!
6. Nits (eggs) look like dandruff but due to the protein they contain they will stick to the hair and won’t fall off easily.
7. Lice prefer clean rather than dirty heads.
8. Siblings and parents will most likely be infested if a child has lice.
9. The itchiness on the scalp is due to people’s reaction of lice’s saliva after their bite
10. Although pets & cats also get lice they’re different from the human ones.