Why do over the counter products for head lice NOT work?

There are many over the counter products available in the market that claim they treat lice infestations. Unfortunately they not always work. We see many customers that have tried those products before seeing us, and after being tired of repeating such in home treatments they finally visit us to remove the lice once and for all.
The shampoos that are sold for head lice removal usually contain medication such as phyretrin or phermethrin, which may kill the lice but won’t take care of the eggs. Lice have a cycle and eggs that are not removed will hatch again and lay eggs all over. That’s the reason why in many cases the treatment needs to be repeated every week for several weeks. Applying so many chemicals to the head may have risk such as chronic eye irritation and chronic scalp irritation among others. In addition, lice have become resilient to over the counter products.
Many people choose to use those products for  a strictly economical reason but if you think about having to buy the products for follow ups the total cost is not as appealing as it may be.
We offer an affordable and natural way of treating head lice and nits infestations. The AirAllé FDA -cleared medical device kills nits and lice through heated air. The device has been used in over 100.000 treatments with less than 1% return. At Lice Clinics of America San Diego, we can treat severe lice infestations in just one hour! Contact us to find out more or schedule an appointment.