Most common head lice symptoms

  1. Tickling sensation on the scalp – if you find yourself or your child scratching your head more than usual you might have lice. Lice feed off your blood by biting on your scalp. People are typically allergic to their saliva and that’s what cause us to feel itchy.
  1. Sores & red bumpsafter scratching for while you might see some red bumps or sores on your scalp, especially above your ears and around your neck line.
  1. Trouble sleeping & irritability – lice are more active at night. People with lice infestation have reported trouble sleeping due to the itchiness or the feeling of crawling during the night.

Although this symptoms are common for most of the people, some other may not feel any itchiness or have sores and red bumps. Being alert and knowledgeable as to how do lice and their nits look like is highly recommended to avoid severe infestations. If you suspect you have lice, have a professional screen and diagnose your head.