Does Heat Kill Lice?

Yes, it does. But not any amount of heat. It has been proven that most of the lice body composition is water. The right amount of heat, the right amount of time will eliminate lice & nits (eggs).
Most over the counter treatments (OTC) focus on killing the adult lice by using aggressive ingredients. Because the eggs have not been killed with the application of the shampoo or gel, a re-do of the process is needed after a week when the eggs hatch. The HEAT kills the nits by dehydration and therefore only one treatment is needed.
Additionally, recent studies have proven that lice are becoming resilient to the OTC products and even some prescription lice removal medicine. Head lice are very unlikely to evolve a resistance to heat, which makes the heated treatments so appealing.
But not any amount of heat would work. A blow dryer has directional heat that would burn the scalp if used at the right temperature, the right amount of time. The AirAlle is a medical, FDA cleared and patented device that provides the right amount of heat, the right amount of time and removes lice & nits. 
At LCA San Diego we use the Airalle device to dehydrate all lice & nits. We kill lice in a fast, safe and highly effective way.