The Perfect prescription for Head Lice Removal

We all wish there’s a miracle prescription, put it on wait 10 minutes and puff! lice are gone. Although it is not as easy as that treating lice infestation can also be quick safe and easy. Here’s the perfect prescription for head lice removal:
Step 1. Know what you are dealing with. 
Having information about head lice, how it works, how does it look like, what are my options on treating lice infestations, and what to expect are key information you will need to efficiently remove lice, once and for all.
Step 2. Consider professional help
On a first impression, it may look like you’d be better off running to the store and buying the removal kit but, take a step back and consider professional help. Studies have proven that over the counter products are not as effective as they used to in killing lice and in addition, you will have to spend hours combing out the nits and re-applying products. At Lice Clinics of America we offer a safe, easy and quick treatment, with a re-treatment policy* for 30-days!
Step 3. Take care of your surroundings.
Knowing how to clean the house will save you time and efforts in keeping a safe environment. Wash all clothing and linens in high heat and dry them in the dryer. Boil all hair accessories and brushes and bag all stuffed animals for 48h. Vacuum the carpets and the sitting area and do not forget to swipe the seats in the car. For more information on how to keep a safe environment, click here.
Step 4. Know how to prevent lice.
A quick list of tips on how to prevent lice may save you from going through the struggle again. Check our blog for information on lice prevention.
And if you still have questions, call us! we are here to help and will answer any questions you may have regarding your lice infestation 🙂