Why do Head Lice seem such a big problem?

Myths and misinformation around the subject along with a difficulty to diagnose the problem are the common causes as to why head lice seem such a problem. After all, 12 million days of school are wasted due to head lice in the United States.

What are the common problems that people have with head lice?

  1. Diagnosis – dandruff, restudies from other hair treatments and hair debris are mistakenly diagnosed as nits (eggs) as well as other small insects are misdiagnosed as lice. Having a professional do a head screening is highly recommended.
  1. Over the counter head lice products – many of those products have chemicals that lice have become resilient to. In addition, those treatments typically don’t offer a solution for nits resulting in a need to comb-out the hair to eliminate all of them. If one is left behind, it will hatch again and another round of chemicals will be needed to kill hatched lice. In addition, not all the over the counter products are as safe as we wish they were, some have toxic chemicals that can cause harmful side effects.
  1. Nits (eggs) – combing off nits is not as easy as it may seem. Hand picking the nits requires time & dedication. The best way to do it is separating the hair strand by strand while using a magnifying glass to spot them and comb them out. Even highly trained technicians can miss one, which would lead to a re-infestation. Heat has been proven to kill nits more effectively and in much less time (link to AA treatment).

What can I do to kill lice?

Having a professional screen your head for a good diagnose is the first step. According to the National Academy of Pediatrics, a good head lice removal treatment should be: SAFE, FAST & EASY to do. Lice Clinics of America San Diego offers a highly effective way to remove lice. A safe, FDA cleared medical device that kills lice & nits in a Fast – 1 hour -, easy and effective way. Make an appointment now!